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We provide great solutions for the construction industry. As a builder, you would find some marvelous and cost-saving solutions suiting your requirements.

As a builder, you invest a lot of money to construct buildings. You need customers to buy these properties. Customers these days have a lot of choices and they need great convincing to make them buy our products. As such, great presentations are necessary. Our services provide excellent presentations both for upcoming and existing properties. We explain this is upcoming content.

Your requirements as a builder can basically be divided into two parts. Presentations for upcoming projects and presentations for existing projects. We have services for both cases.

For upcoming projects.

Currently, you might have been making sample units to make a presentation for the upcoming projects. These sample units require a lot of time to construct. They require huge space and money too. Moreover, if your customers want changes, it is often not possible to do in sample units. Sometimes you too may not be satisfied with the outcome of sample units and want some changes. This would involve more time and resources. We proved a number of solutions to this where you can make a number of sample units and even allow your customers to make changes into them, that too, without involving much time and money.

By the construction of a sample unit, your motive is to give an experience to your customers. You want your customers to feel how it would be if they buy a similar unit. We can provide the same experience and with many more advantages in a fraction of cost and time as compared to a sample unit. We prepare photo-realistic digital models of the project and provide extreme levels of detailing in them. Using VR sets, we place users inside these models and allow them to literally live in the property. They can move around as if walking in a real building. In addition, they can even fly or crawl under the furniture or reach the most inaccessible points of the property. The experience is so immersive, they would not feel any difference that a real building. Curtains would move as they approach them. They can open doors and windows. Once the windows open, they can hear outside voices. They can even access detailed information about elements of the property. If you intend, they can make changes to the model to suit their requirements.

Benefits of our products and services are as under.

  1. Our services cost a fraction as compared to the construction of sample units.

  2. Any number of changes are possible without incurring heavy costs.

  3. We can make customized models suiting your client's requirements.

  4. We can even give your clients, option to choose the different configuration of material, finishes and furniture. Your clients can choose from a catalogue of items given to them in a menu format.

  5. You need not bring your clients to your site, our models are so portable, you can send them directly to your clients.

  6. Your clients would get an immense amount of data embedded with elements of the project, along with immersive visual experience. They can get details about any element used in the project.

  7. Our models actually allow your clients to live in the projects before even the projects are constructed.

  8. Once your project is over, you can use the same services to showcase your past projects.


Our services and products suitable for you are described as under.


For Upcoming Projects

For Upoming Projects


Customizable Screenshot.png

In this service, we prepare a photorealistic digital 3D model of your project. We provide all the details and data in the model. Our models are true photorealistic. This means that they resemble so close to real property that it is difficult to make a difference. We ask you about the elements you want your clients to be able to change. We prepare a menu for different elements with all selectable items. Your clients can make changes in the model by touching the menu items and selecting available options. Changes would occur immediately and clients would get changing environment as well as changed data about the elements too.


Our models are so advanced that your clients can open the doors, move the furniture, open curtains, switch on lights and much more. We embed a tremendous amount of data to various elements of the project. Your clients can touch the elements to access this data.

This service is available in software format. You can use it on PCs, laptops, mobile devices and VR sets. You can send this presentation directly to your customers or display it at your offices and sales outlets.

Customizable Virtual Reality
Interactive Virtual Reality


Interactive Virtual Reality

In this service, we prepare a high-quality photorealistic three dimensional model of your property. We select strategic points, where we intend your customers to be present in order to visualize your property. We connect all these points using interactive menus, maps and markers. We then add valuable information to various components. Once the tour is ready, using VR sets, we place users inside the property model. Users now can look around in any direction. as if they are actually present in real property. They can navigate point to point using menus, maps and markers. All embedded information is available to them at simple gestures.

This service can further be augmented to various other advanced services. You can use this service as software compatible with all formats of PCs, laptops, mobile devices and VR sets. 



In this service, we prepare 360 panoramic video presentation for your property. We create a photorealistic 3D model of the property and make an immersive video. This video can be displayed to multiple devices for your clients. You can also distribute this video on various platforms. Difference between a normal video and our video is view-able in any direction. Users can turn around and video adjusts the view accordingly. The experience is similar to watching a property while traveling in an automatic vehicle.

360 Virtual Video Walkthrough


360 Virtual Tour

The base of this service is a high-quality 3D model with photo-realistic renders. This model covers all necessary and optional details and embeds detailed information about various elements of the property. To visualize this model, users are placed into it using VR sets. users now can navigate through the property model using interactive menus, maps and markers. Navigation provided through the model is point to point. We provide strategic points in the project and mark them with special interactive markers. We also prepare interactive maps to show all the selectable points. Once your clients are placed in the model, they can choose autopilot mode to navigate point to point, or select points of their desire using interactive maps and menus. Visual at each point is 360 panoramic, which means users can turn around in any direction to view details.

This service can be used on PCs, laptops, mobile devices and VR sets. This service is very portable and can be shared and distributed in multiple ways.

360 POI Virtual Tour

For Existing Projects

For Existing Projects


360 POI Physical Reality Tour


For your existing projects, you might need to make presentations. This service is the best way to do it. We cover the whole project as 360 panoramic visuals and connect them on our application. Users can use menus or interactive points to navigate point to point. As this presentation is in virtual reality format, users have an immersive experience as a whole of the project surrounds them and they move in the project in the same way they move in a real building.

360 Point of Interest Tour


360 Physical Reality Video Tour

360 POI Physical Reality Image.jpg

We can make a 360 panoramic tour of your existing projects for the purpose of presentations. We cover the entire projects and make a panoramic video. These videos cover details in all directions and users can visualize them as if the video is surrounding them. They can turn to view in any direction. This service can also be used to prepare site reports at various stages of projects. Usual photographs and videos do not cover projects from all angles. Our videos provide you a much wider range of details and visuals.

360 Physical Reality Video Tour
For Upcoming and Existing Projects

For Upcoming and Existing Projects


Disaster Management

Disaster Management.jpg

In the future, every new project would require a disaster management procedure to be prepared alongside. Each building would be evaluated for easy escape and rescue options. We provide this service to show escape and rescue procedures for the project. In escape options, we have a visual guide for escaping from a location of building to a nearest safe exit. In rescue options, we visually guide rescue agencies to reach a crisis location from the nearest safe entrance. Our visuals truly match the real project.

Disaster Managment
VIrtual Reality Mobile Apps
Virtual Reality Website


Virtual Reality Websites

A2 VR HMD View VR device.png

We prepare websites in virtual reality format, where you can embed all your virtual reality presentations. The routine website content too is displayed in virtual reality format. As such, even non-technical users can access this content easily as all the menus and information are floating around them.


Visual Navigation

Visual Navigation.jpg

You might require to make a presentation of a project where you want your clients to see the flow of human traffic. For example in a shopping mall, you may want to show your clients different locations and services and routes to approach them. This service provides excellent options in terms of visual navigation. Instead of using dump maps to show navigation, we provide real visuals of a project for showing navigation. These visuals are created from the 3D model of the project. We can also use this service for existing projects. Then the visuals would be of the real building.

VIsual Navigation


Procedural Navigation

Procedural Navigation.jpg

There might be a requirement to show the usage of a building to your clients. For example, in the case of a hotel or resort, you might need to show your clients how users would use the hotel building. We provide this service to show various procedures involved with the building and how users can perform them. For example, if users want to get membership of a club at the hotel, our service would guide them visually all the steps involved and locations they need to visit.

Procedural Navigation


Allied Architectural Services

For our high-end products and services, we require very high-quality three-dimensional models, with photo-realistic detailing. These models form the base of our advanced services. We always prefer to get such models from our clients and work ahead of them. Sometimes either the models are not available, or their quality does not match our requirements. So we have our own setup to create such models. Some of our baseline services are registered as under.

Allied Architectural Services


Video Walkthrough


In this service, we create a 3D model of your property and select a route, which can cover the entire property. We shoot a video along the route. This video covers the entire property, visualizing all important points and locations. You can use this video at multiple locations and options.

Video Walkthrough


Architectural Renders

Architectural Renders.jpg

We create 3D models for your property and render it with photorealistic material. We then select strategic views and save them. These photo renders can make a quick presentation of the property. You can use these pictures on multiple platforms.

Architectural Renders


Floor Plan Renders

Floor Plan Renders.jpg

This service is an excellent way of presenting floor plans. It not only represents spaces and furniture layouts but also shows flow and movement details. This makes them much more informative and presentable.

Floor Plan Renders


WebVR - Interior

WebVR Interior 2.jpg

This is a preview quality interior model. This model can be generated for initial planning purposes. Sometimes you may require to have a quick presentation for the interiors of a property. Instead of going into photo realistic details, which require more time, this model can be prepared. This is a very light and interactive model that can be shared easily. Once the details are final, advanced models can be generated.

WebVR - Interior


WebVR - Exterior


This is a snappy preview quality interactive 3D model of exteriors of a property. This model is effective in situations where time is short and a quick assessment or presentation is to be made about exteriors of a property. This model is very light and portable and can be shared easily across various platforms. 

WebVR - Exterior


2D to 3D Conversion


We convert two-dimensional drawings into three-dimensional models to be used for further development. Three-dimensional models are base for all of our services meant for upcoming projects. Once a three-dimensional model is ready, it can further be augmented to any advanced service.

2D to 3D Conversion


We are developing these services too.

These are the services on which we are developing side by side and we will be launching them soon in the market.


Interactive Physical Reality

Interactive Physical Reality SC.jpg

This is our advanced upcoming service. We scan the entire property using special devices and assemble the data into a three-dimensional model. We then add navigation facilities to this model. Once the model is ready, we add interactivity for navigation and various other purposes.

Interactive Physical Reality
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