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Fields of Operation

Virtual Reality, Physical Reality, Augmented/Mixed Reality

We have developed several services and products in the field of virtual reality. These services and products inherently involve upcoming properties and products. We have services for showcasing new projects and products in most interactive and immersive ways. Using our services, you can create great presentations for your upcoming projects and newly launched products. You can also utilize our services meant for operations use of these properties and products.

Many of our services and products are meant for existing properties. You can utilize them for showcasing your properties and products. You can also utilize them for operation purposes like indoor navigation, visual navigation, procedural navigation, disaster management and much more.

We have many services and products where you can utilize mixed or augmented reality. We place some imaginary components into models of visuals of a physically existing environment and these components appear part of that environment. You can interact with these components in the same way you can interact with the model of an existing environment.

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We work in the fields of Virtual Reality. We aim at bringing advanced virtual reality technology for everyday use through readily available platforms. 

Till now, virtual reality has been used for high-end applications. Due to the lack of service providers for virtual reality and expensive equipment, virtual reality has not touched the lives of general people. Recently virtual reality equipment has seen a lot of development and reduction in prices. As such, this technology is now much easy to use for conventional usage. We aim at developing services for various categories of people and present them virtual reality technology for their benefits. 

In addition to the use of special equipment like VR sets, our services and products can work on regular PCs, laptops, and mobile devices. This makes them much more vivid and versatile to use.

To make the content more understandable, we would discuss a little about virtual reality technology. Details are available in relevant sections. 

Virtual reality is a method of creating a digital space or environment, which resembles reality. When users use this technology, they have an experience that they have been transported to a virtual space, which they can feel all around. This space is so detailed and elaborate; they think it really exists. They can move around in this space, touch elements, change them and do much more. 

So essentially virtual reality is a form of visualization software which creates and environment. This environment surrounds the users, much like the real environment. Once users find themselves in this environment, they feel themselves to be a part of it. They can now interact with this environment and its elements.

Discussing the environment, it could resemble exactly to a real environment. Else it could be totally imaginary, yet so complete that users feel it very real. In another option, it could be a mixture of a real environment and an imaginary one. To understand this, we take some examples. If we create a virtual reality environment of a building, which is in the planning stage, it would be truly imaginary. No such environment actually exists. It would be a representation of something which would appear in the future. This type of environment is called Virtual Reality in true senses, as it is totally virtual and nothing exists in reality.

If we imitate an existing environment and create a digital model of it, it would resemble something which already exists. When we place users in this environment, users can match it to the real existing one. Since this environment is physically present somewhere, we call it Physical Reality. We sometimes create such environments to bring existing properties to the access of users, without the need of users actually visiting them.

If sometimes we create an environment that is a combination of a physical existing environment and imaginary one, we call it Mixed or Augmented Reality. For example, if we create an environment of a newly constructed building that is empty and create interior details as imaginary reality, the combination of both would be called Mixed or Augmented Reality.

Please note, in all the three forms of virtual reality, users feel they are witnessing a real environment and they are a part of it. They feel no difference between reality and imaginary.

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