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Architectural Visualization

We create virtual reality architectural visualizations for upcoming and existing buildings. We develop 3D mesh models for new projects and render them with high-quality material and lighting. We add navigation and interactivity options to this model. We also combine data and information about various elements of the model.


For existing properties, we create digital models using 360 panoramic photographs. We then augment them with navigation options, interactivity, and information. Utilizing specialized equipment, we place the users in the models. Navigation options in the model allow them to move and navigate. They can explore the model same way they explore a physical property. Besides, they can interact with model elements and access data associated with them. They can even make changes in the models to suit their requirements.

Our tools enable the user to move around in the property by walking or even in a flying mode; they can reach any part and corner of the property quickly. The users can also fly like a bird in the property or reach places which would have been not possible to reach for them in an actual building. For example, they can have a view of a room from the ceiling or crawl under the bed or climb aloft. Users can customize the property according to their needs and likings. Believe us it is not us a photoshop effect, but a real-time rendered result offerings extremely high level of photorealistic renderings. Which genuinely blend into the surroundings. For example, on click of a menu button user can access a whole catalog of laminates, floorings or paints, which they can choose the change finishes in the property.

Using physical reality, we create 360 tours of existing properties. Users experience as if they are actually visiting the property, which might be thousands of miles away. They also access data embedded in the tours. Using this technology, we create visual navigation, procedural navigation, disaster navigation, and many more products.

For your convenience, we have categorized our services and products for these two stages of projects


1. Upcoming Projects

2. Existing Projects

Here is a list of all services for quick references.


Upcoming Projects.jpg

Using virtual reality, we create digital 3D spaces and place users in them. These services and products are beneficial for architects and builders to showcase their upcoming designs and projects to their clients. There is no other way to showcase design to the user and make them feel that they are present in real property. Our services even allow users to customize and make changes in the design, of course, to the extent they are permitted.


Existing Projects.jpg

Using physical reality, we can showcase your projects in a digital format. We place the users in the property, and they navigate and interact virtually in the property. This is a great way to bring your property to a user sitting thousands of miles away. Builders can showcase their projects or samples to potential customers who can visit the projects while sitting at a distant location. It is a great marketing tool that can be used on many platforms like websites, mobile apps, experience centers.


Cover Image Wide.jpg

Most of our high-end products require high-quality digital models with an extream level of detailing. Sometimes such models are already available, and we work on them. However, many times, the available models do not provide the required level of detail. We have to create our models with high quality detailing. As such, we provide allied architectural services like 3D modeling, walkthroughs, WebVR. These services are thus also available in addition to our premium services.

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