We can provide a complete visual tour in virtual reality format for any hospital or property. Users can make themselves habitual about such properties even before visiting them. The experience is so immersive, they feel they are actually visiting the property. This helps in knowing about a public building and its services before visiting. This also helps in reducing chaos and irregular human traffic in such places.

This service is available for PCs, laptops, mobile devices and VR sets. You can also use this service as advertisement and publicity material by uploading it on your websites, mobile apps and large format display screens. 



This service helps users in guiding them about various procedures involved in hospitals. As most hospitals are associated with multiple procedures, users require proper guidance on-site to perform these procedures. Our Procedural Navigation provides a very effective solution. It not only eliminates the need for human assistance at the site, but it also provides complete off-site guidance to users before they even visit the property. Users are guided visually using real 360 panoramic visuals, location vice location, to perform particular procedures. They are also provided other information like forms, formats and requirements at various locations of the property. They are given tips and information to save their time and efforts in getting these procedures done. In addition to the regular procedures, they are also guided about associated services like parking, restaurants and other services. 

This service is compatible with PCs, laptops, mobile devices and VR sets. You can also use it to provide procedural information on your websites and mobile apps. This way you can reduce the irregular human traffic at your hospital, as users can visit after preparing themselves for various procedures using this tour in offsite mode.


These are the services on which we are working side by side and we will be launching them soon in the market.


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