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360 Physical Reality

Video Tour

This service is a video representation of an existing property. We create a 360 panoramic video of the property using special equipment. We cover all the important points and locations while making this video. Once the video is ready, we add information and data to it. Various elements of the property in the video are associated with appropriate information and data. This data is generally in text form.

Once this service is ready, users can be placed in the video. They feel as if the whole property surrounds them. As they turn their eyes, the video also turns and adjust the view accordingly. Users now have the option to move ahead, stop or move backward. Using this product the user would feel like flying through a true representation of your establishment in a real-time working environment. We will provide a flight path through your project both interior and exterior where the user can visualize in 360 spherical directions while in motion or stopping anywhere. The flight path would be provided as per your requirement. The experience is so immersive, it is like viewing a real property while sitting in a guided vehicle.

This service is very light and portable. You can share it on social media and upload it on video services like YouTube.

We can also provide you with an interactive interface for the different flight paths for different areas of the project. The user would have the option to select a particular flight path instead of watching the whole project. Imagine the user being able to visualize your completed project and select a particular area for 360 spherical visualizations.


This product can also visualize your establishment in real working conditions. A VR set would provide a completely immersive experience else a regular mouse keyboard can be used to access this product.

Another use of this service is monitoring during the construction or renovation of a project. We cover the entire project using special equipment and generate panoramic videos. These videos cover many more details than normal videos. Almost nothing can remain hidden from these videos. These videos thus can form a true report of sire conditions at a particular moment. This report can be used as a record for further reference, or for the planning of upcoming services. These videos can also form a base for claims and arbitration. They can also depict elements like internal piping and conduits, which would go hidden after the finishes.


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360 degree Video


Platforms available for

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Windows desktop


VR headsets (HMD)

Web servers

Mobile browsers

Input methods

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VR headset

File formats available

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All video formats

.avi .mp4 . ,mov

Image sequence

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