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Tourism Department

The tourism departments can utilize our services and products for different purposes. They can use for the advancement of tourism. They can utilize our products and services with the end goal of visual and procedural navigation. They can likewise utilize our products and services for disaster management.

For the advancement of the tourism industry, the tourism departments frequently feature different properties that may incorporate exhibition halls, palaces, parks, memorable structures and substantially more. We give condition of-workmanship services and products for this advancement. We make computerized virtual reality tours through such properties and clients can utilize picture these properties even while sitting at their places. In that capacity, these properties receive visitors, even before they make any physical visit.

At times the tourism departments need to make introductions for forthcoming properties and projects. We have numerous services and products for this reason.

Different products and services appropriate for the tourism departments are recorded as under.


Indoor Navigation

We provide state of art indoor navigation for indoor covers spaces where GPS signals are not available for conventional navigation. We install special equipment all over such indoor spaces to mark users' locations with accuracy. Using our specially designed application, which works on users' mobile devices, we create visual navigation. We user real 360 panoramic visuals of the property, which keep updating according to current locations of users. As users navigate through the property, the visuals update and inform users about the current location. Theses visuals are also provided with detailed information about that location. Users can use navigation menus to find the best routs to desired locations. They can use interactive maps, intelligent markers and visuals to navigate point to point.

This service can also work on PCs, laptops and VR sets. It can also be used to provide information to visitors at information desks. This service can be used on off-site mode as a virtual reality tour to know more about the property. 

Indoor Navigation
360 POI Physical Reality Tour


360 POI Physical Reality Image.jpg

This is a versatile and portable service. We map the existing properties using special gadgets and prepare 360 panoramic visuals. We link these visuals on our application and add interactive data and information. Users navigate point to point using markers or interactive maps. At each location, they can access various information and data associated with various elements of the property. For example, in the case of a museum, the tour may start from the entrance. Users touch the main door to enter the building. Next, they enter the reception area where they see the front desk and security checks. Or they may see the ticketing counters. At each location, there would be data and information available. Users can buy tickets online, to be used for actual physical visits. Next, they can choose to go in any direction by touching markers. They can transport directly to any part of the building using interactive maps.

This service is available for PCs, laptops, mobile devices and VR sets. It can be uploaded to websites, mobile apps and used as standalone executable files.



In this service, we prepare a three-dimensional panoramic video of the property. The video covers all the strategic locations and paths of the property. Users viewing this video can turn around in any direction and the visuals would adjust accordingly. They can choose to stop or move backward too. This experience is similar to viewing a property while traveling in a guided automatic vehicle.

360 Physical Reality Video Tour


Disaster Management

Disaster Management.jpg

Disaster management services are essential in all public buildings. Tourism departments deal with many such buildings. We provide escape and rescue services for such properties. Our services are available both for users as well as rescue agencies. This service is in two modes. One is rescued and the other is an escape. For rescue agencies, we provide visual navigation options to enter a location in crisis from the nearest safe entrance. They would also be guided about various dangerous elements on the property, like inflammable material or fragile apparatus at a location. In escape mode, users are guided visually to escape to the nearest safe exit.

This service is available for PCs, laptops, mobile devices and VR sets. It can be uploaded on websites, mobile apps and displayed at information centers. This service is also available in standalone executable formats for easy distribution.

Disaster Managment


VR Advertisement and Marketing

VR Advertising.jpg

We provide efficient and futuristic advertising and marketing services using virtual reality. We use our virtual reality models of property for this purpose. As the users use our models and they navigate near a location, any offer or promotion available there is flashed to users’ mobile devices. These offers are displayed in virtual reality format. This service work both in off-site and on-site models. In on-site models, whenever users navigate near the area of offers, they appear on users’ screens. In off-site models, wherever users visit the property and reach an area of offers, they are made available to them.

VR Advertising and Marketing
VIrtual Reality Mobile Apps


Vritual Reality Mobile Apps


Most of our services can be combined with mobile apps for the users on move. These mobile apps can also be installed as information kiosks using touch panels at various locations at the airports. These apps are multi-platform which can run on any mobile devices. These applications are multilingual so as to have a very wide availability for the audience.

Virtual Reality Website


Virtual Realty Websites

VR Websites 2.jpg

Tourism departments can create virtual reality websites to give users an immersive experience. Our virtual reality websites are easy to use and even non-technical users use them efficiently. All the content and information is available floating around the users and they can access them by simple gestures. Our other virtual reality services can be embedded into these websites and they work seamlessly there. Usual website content, of course, can easily be added to these websites.

VIsual Navigation


Visual Navigation

Visual Navigation.jpg

This is an excellent service to provide indoor navigation to users. We use this navigation both in models of upcoming projects and digital mapping versions of existing properties. This service is available both in an online and offline format. In the online format, we install special devised in indoor areas for indoor navigation. All the navigation is available in 360 panoramic visual formats, which resemble closely or exactly with the real property. In offline format, users can navigate point to point in the property using interactive maps and menus. They can also navigate using markers on visuals. Both these formats are supplemented with data and information about elements of the property.

This service is available as software compatible with PCs, laptops, mobile devices and VR sets. It is so portable, you can upload it to websites, mobile applications and use it in standalone modes. This service can easily be used as promotional and advertisement material when displayed on large screens for public displays.

Procedural Navigation


Procedural Navigation

Procedural Navigation.jpg

This service provides an excellent way of visiting a property and using its services efficiently. Users are guided visually about procedures involved with the services of a property. They can use this service both in on-site and off-site formats. In on-site formats, they can choose the procedure they want to perform at the property and our service would guide them all the procedure visually. Combined with the indoor navigation as discussed above, users can navigate easily to perform the procedures. In an off-site format, users can familiarize themselves with these procedures even before visiting the property. For example, in the case of a museum, users can ask for the procedure of booking a guided tour. They would be guided visually about locations in the building where they can book the tour. There could be complex procedures associated with the property. This service comes as a great help in removing irregular human traffic and chaos at the properties.

This service is available in software form for PCs, laptops, mobile devices and VR sets. It can be augmented to any website or mobile app. It can also be used independently in self-executable format.


Architectural Visualization service for upcoming projects

Customizable Screenshot.png

This is an excellent service for making a presentation for upcoming projects. We prepare digital 3D models of the project and place users in them. Users not only have a highly immersive experience of being into the projects, but they can also access the immense amount of data and information associated with various elements. Users can also customize the project according to their needs.

Architectural Services

We are developing these services too.

These are the services on which we are developing side by side and we will be launching them soon in the market.


Interactive Physical Reality

Interactive Physical Reality SC.jpg

This is an advanced upcoming service where we map an existing property and convert it into a 3D model. We then make a virtual reality tour where users can move into the property and walk freely around as they walk in real property. They can interact with the elements of property and access data associated with them. For example, users can walk into the virtual reality tour of a museum. They can move freely just like in a real museum. When they touch any object placed in the museum, the can access data associated with it. This data would have detailed information about that object.

Interactive Physical Reality
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