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Procedural Navigation

This service can be used both for existing and upcoming projects. This service is an extension of our 360 Point Of Interest Virtual Reality and 360 Point Of Interest Physical Reality. For details of these two services, please click them.

Procedural navigation is a totally new concept of navigation. This service guides users to perform a task in a property. Users are guided in visual forms to navigate point to point to complete a task. They also receive detailed information in the form of embedded data, which helps them perform the job. Users can even download information, forms, and catalogs.

We identify various tasks associated with the property. These tasks could be procedures or only meeting a person or paying the parking tickets. Next, we create menus listing these procedures. Once the users contact a menu item, they are guided to the appropriate entrance of the property and the whole route to perform the task. They have presented a series of 360 panoramic visuals of the actual property, location wise. Users can follow each visual to reach the desired location. Information provided along with helps them performing the tasks.

This model can be used both in an online and offline format. In the online format, we provide special navigation equipment in indoor spaces where GPS signals are not available. They connect with mobile devices of users and locate them in the property. As users move in the property, our equipment determines them and visuals on their screen adjust according to their locations.

In offline mode, there is no requirement of special equipment. Users can navigate point to point by clicking the markers. Once they reach the new location, they get the same visual on their screen. They can easily align the visual to reallocation by turning the screen around. Markers and information tags on their screen visuals guide them to the next location.

This service can also be used in on-site and off-site mode. Users can use this service on the site itself. They can even use it while at their place to know more about the property or to familiarize themselves with it. They may use this service to prepare themselves about performing a task in a property. They would download forms and other information and prepare their documents before visiting the property.

This service can also be augmented to Virtual Reality Websites, Virtual Reality Mobile Applications, and Virtual Reality advertising and Marketing.

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