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Religious Buildings

Religious buildings provide a great boost to tourism through pilgrimage. At places, the economy of the whole area depends on pilgrimage tourism. As such, religious buildings are of great importance to the economy. Often these buildings are used for the promotion of tourism by the tourism department and religious boards.

We provide some great visualization services for religious buildings. Our virtual reality tours can showcase these buildings in most real forms at the user's place. Users can virtually visit these buildings and generate interest and knowledge about them before physically visiting them.

Religious buildings attract a large number of visitors, especially during special days. Disaster management is of great importance for these buildings. Our virtual reality models of these buildings provide a true picture of existing properties. These models can be used by visitors, management and rescue agencies for disaster management purposes.

In addition to existing buildings, we offer an array of services for existing buildings and properties. Please refer to the architectural visualization section for more details.

Indoor Navigation
Disaster Managment
Visual Navigation
Procedural Navigation


We are developing these services too.

These are the services on which we are working side by side and we will be launching them soon in the market.

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