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What is Virtual Reality?

Virtual Reality comprises of two conflicting terms, Virtual and Reality. The literal meaning of virtual is something that is not real. Or something very close to real, but still not real. So virtual reality could literally mean a reality that is not real but very close to real.


Now let's discuss reality. Reality means something which exists. We establish something which exists, using our senses and our knowledge and belief. When we find sensations from our primary senses of see, hear, touch, taste and smell, we establish the existence of something. Else we believe our knowledge and experience to believe in the existence of anything.

In the case of virtual reality too, we utilize our senses to make users believe in its existence. We try to utilize the maximum number of senses to believe it. We utilize the sense of seeing, hearing and even touching to make users believe in it. We can even add senses of smelling and tasting for advanced usage of virtual reality.

In the context of this website, we primarily use virtual reality for visualization purposes. We create visuals and make users believe in them as real. We then add many utilities and services to these visuals. 

Virtual Reality is presented in the form of software. This software can be used on multiple platforms. Our virtual reality services and products can work on PCs, laptops, mobile devices and VR sets. When users use this software on these platforms, they are presented visuals. These visuals are panoramic and surround users. Users feel they are part of these visuals and they can interact with components of these visuals, much as they interact with the real environment.

Our products and services can be visualized on many platforms. They can be uploaded on cloud-based platforms like websites and mobile apps. They can be displayed on PCs, laptops and display screens. They can be utilized on VR sets.


We sum up all the above discussed points in one example. 

We are making plans for a new shopping mall and have already worked out all the exterior and interior details. Now we want to make presentations for this shopping mall. We create a high quality 3D model of this mall. We provide a high level of detailing to the model and make it resemble closely to the building which would come up in the future. Till now it is just a digital model and not reality. Now we place our users in the model. They feel the model all around them. They can now move in the model the way they can move in a real space. This now becomes virtual reality. users can touch various elements of the model. They can even move them, change them. They can get information about various elements of the model. They can also perform a large number of tasks associated with the model.

They can use this model on VR sets to have a complete immersive experience. In other cases, they can use PCs, laptops and mobile devices to visualize and use this model. They can upload the model to websites and mobile apps. They can share it on social media. They can distribute it as stand alone versions. 

Till the discussed property is constructed, this model is virtual reality. Whenever that property gets constructed, this model becomes physical reality model.

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