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VR Education and Training

Virtual Reality has high potential applications in education and training. Through virtual reality models and simulations, effective teaching can be provided. We are working rigorously in this field to develop various services and products in the field of education and training. We would soon launch an array of such services. Though our services are yet in the development stage, we present this content for your benefit. If you feel you can benefit from virtual reality for your education and training requirements, we can develop tailor-made solutions for you right away.

Using virtual reality in education and training presents many benefits. We are discussing them here.

1. Highly Effective

Virtual reality provides highly efficient and effective education and training. Users not only read or hear the content, they see and feel it. The experience is so immersive, they think they are present inside the area for which they are provided knowledge. This involves more and more of their reciprocating senses and memories of this experience is much more profound. This learning remains accessible in the minds of users for much longer.

To explain this, we consider an example of teaching users about the human eye. Instead of showing them videos, animations, pictures or just text, we transport users into the human eye itself. They feel they are moving inside a human eye, touching various components. They can move in any direction and information would be available all around them. With simple gestures like touch, they can access this information. Since our models are live, they can visualize working of the eye in real-time. As they interact with various components of the model, they respond accordingly and changes are visible.

Perhaps there is no other way to provide such intense learning than virtual reality.

2. Vast Usage

Once a virtual reality application is ready, it can be used for a vast number of users at distant places. The same level of information with similar precision can be provided. Since these models are so informative and self-teaching, no external assistance is required. As such a large number of users can benefit from these models.

3. Minimum Space Requirement

Our models are available in software format and can be used on PCs, laptops, mobile devices and VR sets. Very small space is required to use them. 

4. Environment-Friendly

Our models minimize the requirements of travel to places of educations. Users can be trained while in their places. This minimizes the burden of the environment. We can even set up virtual classrooms where users feel they are participating in an actual classroom program, along with other users, even while remaining at their own respective places.

In addition to education, training can also be provided using virtual reality models and simulations. We can also provide troubleshooting models for various machinery and equipment. We can create models for training on advanced machinery. These models are live and working and provide all options of real machinery. When users utilize them, they have a completely immersive experience of using the machinery itself.

We can also create simulations and models for assembling and dismantling various equipment, furniture and machinery. Manufacturers can utilize this service along with their products. Instead of showing conventional videos for this purpose, manufacturers can allow users to choose their own location and views of using their products and training themselves on them.

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