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About Us

Who we are and what we do

We are a team of experts from various computers related fields. Primarily, we work in the areas of virtual reality and its divisions. Through our services and products, we intend to bring the high-end virtual reality technology to everyday use. Virtual Reality and its division form base of most of our products and services. Our products and services are vivid and cover a vast range of users. We utilize the services of a large number of specialists. These experts augment their specializations to bring up cutting edge services and products.

Though our products and services are so simple to use, you may not require to know the technologies behind it, still, a little knowledge of Virtual Reality and its division would help in better understanding our products and services. It will be ideal if you click here to know in detail about Virtual Reality and its different divisions. In this context here, we talk about in short about Virtual Reality. 


As the name goes, this innovation is a type of reality that isn't real. Confounding? All right, how about we expound on this. Virtual Reality resembles a dream or imagination, which has elements and cases, yet no physical substance. Like imagination, we create a world that could mirror the real world or may differ entirely from it.  However, this world is wholesome with complete subtleties and components. We create this environment in the form of computer-generated visualization, which can run on PCs, laptops, mobile devices, and VR sets.

The second part is to put users into this world. Equipment innovation comes into the picture here. Utilizing specialized equipment, we place users in this world. When they are here, they feel this world as genuine. It's all around them. They can maneuver inside it the same way they move in the real physical world. They can communicate with the components, move them, change them. What more, they can get to the considerable measure of data and information related to different elements of this world. This is virtual reality.

It isn't so much that virtual reality must be utilized with uncommon devices. Our products and services are usable both with devices like VR sets and typical PCs and even cell phones.

When we make an absolutely conjured up universe, we call it Virtual Reality. When we make a world which takes after a genuine physical world, we call it Physical Reality. When we make a blend of two, implies something looking like a real world and adding some fictional universe to it, we called it Augmented or Mixed Reality. 

So not going in an excessive amount of subtleties, we talk about in expansive about our products and services. Subtleties can be gotten to in pertinent areas.

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At this point, you probably comprehended that Virtual Reality is a visualization technology blended with information components. So the more significant part of our items depends on visualization. Visualization could be of products, area, spot or building, which by and large we allude as property in the following content. Products can be imagined alone as entire, or as a feature of a situation. 

Our visualizations bring non-existing places/locations/products or difficult/inaccessible locations to our users. Alternatively, we can say that we place the users or products or property/locations which are difficult/impossible to reach. Users can communicate with them in most users friendly and comfortable way as if they would interact if physically present there. For instance, we can put our clients in a property which is still in the planning stage. However, users can virtually live in that property. They can move around, interact, envision, and even change the things around them. Moreover, they can separate information about anything around them.

We can also place our users at inaccessible locations like the surface of a distant planet or human heart of inside a turbine. 

As regard to product visualization, we can place huge products in front of users. They appear floating in front of them. Users can turn them around in any direction by simple gestures like waving a hand or touching them. For example, we can place a spaceship buoying in front of our users. Users can virtually play with it, dissociate it into smaller parts or even X-Ray it to see inside.

Since our products and services are vast in terms of usage and domain, we incorporate a large number of specialists. Experts from different fields work together to develop these products and services. All our items are state-or art and cutting edge.

Our products and services mainly come in the form of software. You can use this software on several devices like VR sets, standard PCs, Mobile devices, display systems, and information kiosks. They can also be shared on websites, mobile applications, standalone versions, and social media.

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