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Education Institutions

Our services are of great use for educational institutions. They can be used both for promotion, just as utility purposes. These services can be used as a great marketing and promotional tool anywhere. You can grandstand your property and feature every one of its highlights to your intended interest group in order to construct a decent brand picture. Our services can run in both online and offline mode, which makes it entirely versatile. You can use them on your websites, social media apps, mobile phone apps, on-site marketing, marketing campaigns at public places, etc.

Our various services are suitable for showcasing the infrastructure of educational institutions. Since our services are in virtual reality format, users using our services at their place have the same experience as visiting the property physically. Authorities can highlight their services and infrastructure to new users in the most effective futuristic way.

We have an array of utility services like indoor navigation, procedural navigation and disaster management, which can efficiently be utilized by education institutions for operational purposes. 

Services that can be utilized for educational institutions are listed as under.



This is an advance form of navigation. It works on our physical reality models. We install special equipment throughout the indoor spaces of educational institutions, where GPS signals are not available for satellite navigation. This equipment marks the location of users throughout the property and visuals on mobile devices of users to keep changing, matching their location in the property. Information provided in these visuals help users in navigation as well as performing various procedures in the property. This service can be augmented with many of our physical reality services like procedural navigation and disaster management.


This service is available for PCs, laptops, mobile devices and even VR sets. You can share this service to users in many ways and upload it on your websites and mobile apps.

Indoor Navigation
Disaster Managment


360 POI Physical Reality Image.jpg

This service is an interactive tour of the property. We use 360 panoramic visuals of the property to create these tours. Visuals are selected in a way to cover the entire property, showcasing all important points and locations. These visuals are linked to a specially designed application and information is added to these visuals. This information could be in any format. It could be navigation markers, text, audio or video. Once the tour is ready, it can be shared with users in many ways. It can be uploaded to a normal website, used as a standalone application, converted to a mobile application, displayed at information centers or at information kiosks. Once users use these tours, they have the freedom to navigate to any point of their interest in the property. They can navigate point to point using navigation makers. They can jump to any location directly using menus and interactive maps. Using VR sets, they get a completely immersive experience of being into the property itself. These tours can further be augmented to many of our advanced services like visual navigation, indoor navigation, disaster management, procedural navigation and many more.

This tour is available as software workable on PCs, laptops, mobile devices and VR sets. This tour can be shared on websites, mobile applications, and social media.

360 POI Physical Reality Tour



We create 360 panoramic walkthrough tours of educational institutional properties. These tours cover the entire properties in 360 degrees. We choose all the strategic points and paths to make these tours. Once the tours are ready, they can be used in multiple ways. They can be uploaded to a normal website, shared as standalone videos or uploaded on video sharing applications. Once users watch these tours, they have a completely immersive experience of being taken into the property on a guided vehicle, where users can turn around in any direction to watch the property in all directions.

360 Physical Reality Vido Tour
Visual Navigation


Procedural Navigation.jpg

Often, educational institutions are vast and are associated with a large number of procedures. These procedures could be performed at various places throughout the property. These locations could be spread all over the property, making it difficult for users to reach them easily. The usual way of helping users is by providing help desks and information markers. Our service of procedural navigation is an advanced way of doing this. We utilize our physical reality models to create procedural navigation. We list out all the procedures involved with the education institution and create interactive menus. Each procedure is guided to users in the form of visuals of locations they have to visit. Users use this procedural navigation to visit each location point to point. Added information is provided to these visuals to help users performing these procedures easily. We embed downloadable forms and formats, provide text, audio or video information to each visual to guide users through procedures.

This service is available for PCs, laptops, mobile devices and VR sets. It can be used to provide procedural information on websites, mobile apps and information desks. 

Procedural Navigation
Virtual Reality Website


We are developing these services too.

These are the services on which we are working side by side and we will be launching them soon in the market.

VR Simulations and Training
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