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VR Mobile Apps

Most of our advanced virtual reality services are convertible into mobile applications. Even if some products are not fully changeable to a mobile app, they can easily embed into mobile apps. This makes these services versatile as users can use them while on the move.

This also allows our services usable in on-site formats. In such cases, users can utilize these services much more efficiently and vividly. Our services like indoor navigation are highly useful as in the case, no comparable service exists as of now. 

Another use of mobile apps is information desks and kiosks. Our services can work on touch screens available at such places. Users can utilize these services for their benefits.

We are into developing stages for truly virtual reality mobile apps. The whole user interface of such apps would be a virtual reality model where users would navigate into the model and access information all around them. This interface would also be available in augmented reality formats. The virtual reality models we would use could be resembling a real-life property or an utterly imaginary environment.

Since more and more users are switching to mobile devices for daily usage, the portability of our services and products to mobile apps is a great advantage.

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