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Disaster Management

In the present world where crime and terrorism are increasing, no user of a building is safe unless equipped with self-managed disaster management techniques. Though it is the responsibility of authorities to safeguard users, the users themselves must prepare themselves for their own safety.

We provide Virtual Reality disaster management services that can be used by rescue agencies as well as users themselves. The service is available on desktop as well as mobile devices version. This service works both in an online and offline format. In the online format, users are intelligently guided to safe exits near them, if they find themselves in crisis while in a building. In offline mode, they still can navigate easily using virtual reality visuals, which match closely to the original building. No maps or text is required to guide them, as we assume that in emergencies situations, maps and data becomes ineffective as users go in a panic. They may even forget the location they are present. They would not be able to read the maps effectively. Most effective in such a situation is matching the visual on their mobile devices to real visuals.

This service can work as an on-site tool and off-site tool. If the users are present at the site in crisis, this tool works efficiently for safe evacuation. Users and rescue agencies can use this service as off-site to prepare themselves about the building. Users can use this as off-site to know how to react in case of emergencies. They can habituate themselves about their work areas and nearby safe exits. They can even plan their own mock drills for escaping the building.

Rescue agencies can use this tool in finding the safest and nearest entry to a location in crisis. During emergencies, rescue agencies are extremely short of time. They cannot afford to waste time in locating maps of the building. If they reach the location unprepared, there might be no one in the proper state of mind to tell them about the internal locations of the building. Even if they manage to get a map, the map will not show complete details of interior areas. There might have been a substantial amount of changes in building after the maps were made. Even by prolonged usage of the building, changes occur. Some doors are permanently closed, some are blocked by placing furniture against them. There might be dangerous material or apparatus at some location, not shown in maps.
Our virtual reality model is a true representation of the building. It shows the building in the exact form. Rescue agencies can have an obvious idea and information about the interior layout of the building. Since our product is portable and can be managed from mobile devices, rescue agencies can use it on their way to the location in crisis. They can plan their rescue strategies while on the way to reaching the building. This saves valuable time and hence, valuable lives and material.

Imagine a situation. There is a fire in a building, and it calls for immediate evacuation. Users in the building can use this tool. They can quickly identify their location in the building using 360 panoramic visuals. In online mode, their location would automatically be highlighted. The tool would visually guide them to the nearest safe exit. In the meantime, rescue agencies would be alerted. On the way, they would use this tool to find the nearest safe entry to the location of a fire. Once they reach the site, they would not waste any time taking stock of the situation and finding entry points.

The product can also be provided to new users in the form of a link to the website or extension of an existing mobile app. Hotels can provide this service in rooms on smart TVs. Even kiosks carrying information at places like airports and shopping malls, this information can be provided.

Basic inputs required-

We create a digital model for this service. Optimum input for us is a detailed 3D model. If you already have a model suitable for our service, we work ahead of it. Else we create our own model. For new projects or upcoming projects, where disaster management has to be showcased, we use 3D mesh models. For existing projects and properties, we use raster models in the form of 360 panoramic visuals and recreate the whole property with them.

Hardware Compatibility-

This service can run on multiple devices. It can run on the PC platform as well as mobile devices. It is truly compatible with all major VR sets. 

Software Requirement-

No special software is required to use this service.


This service can be uploaded on the cloud and can be used at any remote location. This service can also be linked to a website or webpage. Users can use this service both on the PC platform and mobile devices.

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