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Airport Authorities

There is a tremendous scope of our virtual reality applications at airports, be it an upcoming airport at the design stage or an existing one. Our products and services provide great solutions. Often the new airport users get confused because of the vastness of the airports, this prompts unpredictable or some of the time wild human traffic. Moreover, so many services remain underutilized because many users don't know about them. As such airports are not utilized to their full extent and sometimes even lead to failure of designs. Our services provide solutions in many ways so as to overcome the solutions for all these issues.


For existing airports

For existing airports
Disaster Managment
360 POI Physical Reality Tour
360 Physical Reality Vido Tour

For upcoming airports

For upcoming airports
VR Advertising and Marketing


We are developing these services too.

These are the services on which we are working side by side and we will be launching them soon in the market.

Interactive Physical Reality
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