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Interactive Virtual Reality

This service provides a real life like living experience to our users. Our users can not only visualize a property as they visualize in real, but they can also experience to live in it. This service provides a completely immersive experience to the users.

This service can be used to give a presentation of a property. We describe this service briefly first. Our work starts with the preparation of a very high-quality photorealistic 3D model of the property. All minute details available to us are incorporated into the model. We take extreme care to make the model look as real as possible. Next, we embed detailed data into various elements. Finally, we place the users in the model itself and allow them to have a real-life experience. All these details have been discussed in the content ahead.

This brief description creates a background for details we require to execute this service and hardware/software compatibility available. Before providing a detailed description of this service, here is a write up of these requirements.


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Desktop application

Cloud-based application


Platforms available for

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Windows desktop


VR headsets (HMD)

Web servers

Mobile browsers

Input methods

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VR headset

File formats available

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Windows executable (.exe)

Macintosh (.dmg)



Basic inputs required-

We create a digital model in this service. Optimum input for us is a detailed 3D model. If you already have a model suitable for our service, we work ahead of it. Else we create our own model. In this case, we require at least 2D drawings and all the details required for creating the model.

Hardware Compatibility-

This service can run on multiple devices. It can run on the PC platform as well as mobile devices. It is truly compatible with all major VR sets.

Software Requirement-

No special software is required to use this service.


This service can be uploaded on the cloud and can be used at any remote location. This service can also be linked to a website or webpage.

This service is suitable for new upcoming projects which are in the design stages. But we can also make models of existing properties. As such this becomes versatile and usable for a wide range of clients.

Detailed description-

This service is in the form of a digital 3D model where users can navigate through. So we first prepare a high-quality 3D model of the property. Our model is a bit different from the traditionally used 3D models in the following ways.

  1. Our model is a genuine portrayal of the property. We attempt to make it as genuine as could reasonably be expected.

  2. We take care to join genuine like circumstances in our model to make it look genuine. For instance, there could be an uproot book on the table or bed sheet that could have wrinkles. We even initiate some residue noticeable all around to make the light look all the more genuine.

  3. Our models are intended for different light conditions. We enable clients to encounter them at different occasions of the day.

  4. Our models are live. For instance, entryways open when clients approach them, shades move, there are genuine foundation sounds and commotions and considerably more.

  5. Our models can be set in genuine areas if the area information is accessible. We make a genuine environment and condition. On the off chance that clients watch out from windows or galleries, they see a similar view they would find in the genuine property.

After the digital model, we add data to it. We associate data with various elements of the model which can be accessed by simple gestures like touching the elements. The features of this data are as under.

1. Data can be in any arrangement. It could be content, sound, video, outer application, web interface, classified database or anything that can be put on PC stages as information.


2. Data basically determine the name of the item, model, particulars and cost. Obviously, it is absolutely at the customer's caution what information they need to connect with the model.


3. There is no restriction on the probability of inserting information. Information can be related to various kinds of clients. Like separate information could be accessible for general customers and specialized specialists.


4. Data is introduced in virtual reality format. It is set in three-dimensional space around the clients. The introduction is exceptionally intelligent and it very well may be customized for various customers.

After this our service is prepared to be utilized. We can dispatch it in the type of an independent executable document, with the goal that it might keep running on any PC stage effectively. At the point when the clients begin this application and, in the event, that they use VR sets, they feel they are physically present in the model. They would now be able to begin moving to utilize basic controls. As they turn, the visuals turn in like manner. They can turn toward any path, gaze upward or down, or anyplace. They can wander in the model as much as they need, with no confinement.

They can use different modes of navigation. They can walk or fly in the model. They can adjust the viewing level and visualize the model from anywhere, be it floor level or ceiling level. They can access any part and corner of the model to view the minutest details.

Clients open entryways, windows, move drapes and different items, the same way they can do in physical property. They hear comparable sounds related to such genuine developments. This makes the experience so vivid. Obviously, our sounds also are three dimensional, same as we involvement, all things considered.

Clients can utilize menus to explore legitimately in various areas. They can likewise utilize intelligent maps for the route. Maps even show in which part of the property they are moving. Maps likewise show the course of their movements.

As they move close to a component conveying related information, they are featured to make them stand separated from the environment. Or on the other hand, a tag may spring up over the component as clients approach them. The alternatives are boundless and constrained uniquely to the creative mind and innovativeness. As clients contact these labels, information ends up dynamic. Clients can get to the information in any arrangement. They can even download it or print it. They can even do internet business through this information. They can reserve a spot or buys and any such thing.

Clients can even pick objects, flip them toward any path and contact different parts to get to better information related to them. For instance, they can pick a table and make is drift before them. They can flip it toward any path and see the itemized related information. They can even X-Ray or separate the components to perceive how they are made up. For instance, they can X-Ray a watch into its parts and see each part independently.

VR sets give exceedingly vivid involvement in this administration. Be that as it may, clients can utilize PC screens or bigger LED presentations to encounter this service. Every one of the alternatives would stay accessible.

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