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Banquet Halls

Till now you have been showing photographs and videos of your property and functions performed there. Your customers need to visit your property to have a genuine visual. We can place your client in the property while sitting at their places. This way they need not visit your property before making a final decision. This can likewise give them definite information about the different components and services of your property. We can also show them videos and photographs of various functions held there. The experience would be so immersive, your clients would feel they are actually present in the banquet hall.

As a banquet hall owner, your prerequisite is to exhibit your property to your customers before they book it. You may want to show feeds and photographs of functions performed at your property along with the details of your property. We have complete solutions for you.

We can even enable your clients to visualize various layouts you propose for them. They can browse from a menu of layouts available in the model. They can also make changes and create their own layouts. They can change the color scheme, flower arrangement, furniture layout or virtually anything that you allow them to do. Once they have finalized the changes, they can save the arrangements.
​We can also prepare virtual reality tours of your building and even digitize the existing building using special scanner technology. Our tours provide exactly the same 360 panoramic visuals as your property. Your clients can move in the property as if they are moving in the real one. 

Advantages of our services are as under.

Your client need not come to your property initially to finalist. Our services can be sent directly to them through social media sharing or your website. Once your clients have chosen your property, they can visit to make final agreements.
Your property can reach far away clients easily. This makes easy for remotely located clients to finalize your property easily.
We make your clients feel present in the property while sitting at their places. The experience is so immersive, they cannot make out the difference from the real property.
Your clients can choose from various configurations of decor and furniture layouts suiting their event requirements. They can even make their own layouts and combinations.
You can showcase various previous events in forms of immersive photographs and videos.
You can also showcase personnel movement in your property using our special visual navigation.
You can highlight disaster management arrangements and provisions using our disaster management services.

Our services and products suitable for your requirements are as under.

With 3D modeling

With 3D modelling


Wedding Table Set

In this service, we prepare a photo-realistic digital 3D model of your property. We provide all the details and data in the model. Our models are true photo-realistic. This means that they resemble so close to real-life projects that it is difficult to make a difference. We ask you about the elements you want your clients to be able to change. We prepare menus for different elements with all selectable items. We embed a tremendous amount of data to various elements of the project. Your clients can touch the elements to access this data. Your clients can make changes in the model by touching the menu items and selecting available options. They can move furniture and make their own furniture layouts. Using menus, they can choose the type of furniture available and other decor items. They can create their own decor and know the cost involved instantly. Changes would occur immediately and clients would get changing environment as well as changed data about the elements too.

This service is available in software format workable on PCs, laptops, mobile devices and VR sets. 

Customizable Virtual Reality


Interactive Virtual Reality

As contrast to the above-mentioned service where your clients can make changes to the model, in some situations, you may not like the clients to make changes. This service is more suitable for you.  Users can walk, fly navigate to any part of the project and visualize the whole area according to their will. This service is exactly the same as the Customizable Virtual Reality, minus the editable options.

Interactive Virtual Reality



Sometimes you need to make a presentation in video format only. So you go for a walkthrough of a 3D model. But this video can cover only those details lying in the field of view of the camera. We provide 360 Video Walkthrough service where we prepare a 360 panoramic video through the model. This allows users to have an immersive experience as they can turn around in any direction, much like they are traveling in a golf cart.

360 Virtual Video Walkthrough


360 Virtual Tour

This service works in the form of an interactive 3D model of your property where users can navigate point to point using interactive menus, maps and markers. We create 360 panoramic visuals of the 3D model and connect these visuals on a special application. Navigation options and information is added to visuals. Users can navigate through the property using these options. They can access all the information provided in visuals with simple gestures.

This service is available in PCs, laptops, mobile devices and VR sets compatible formats. This service can be shared at various platforms like websites, mobile apps and standalone versions. You can also use this service as advertisement displays in public places. In this format, this service displays complete property location-wise location in automatic mode.

360 POI Virtual Tour

With Photography & Videos

With Photography and Vides


360 POI Physical Reality Tour

Rustic Dining Hall

In this service, we create a virtual reality model of your banquet hall using 360 panoramic visuals. We link these visuals on a special application and add navigation with the help of menus, interactive maps and markers. We also add information in form of text, audio, video or any other format available for computers. Once the tour is ready, users can have an immersive experience of being present in your property, when they use VR sets to view this tour. They navigate point to point and can look around in any direction. 

This tour is available in a software form and can work on PCs, laptops, mobile devices and VR sets. It can also run on auto mode on large screen displays. You can also embed them into your websites and mobile apps. You can share this tour with users in many ways.

360 Point of Interest Tour


360 Physical Reality Video Tour

Wedding Tent

We can make a 360 panoramic video tour of your existing building for the purpose of presentations. We cover the entire property along strategic locations and paths. These videos cover details in all directions and users can visualize them as if the video is surrounding them. They can turn to view in any direction. This service can also be used to prepare site reports at various stages of projects.


Usual photographs and videos do not cover projects from all angles. Our videos provide you a much wider range of details and visuals.

360 Physical Reality Video Tour
For Both Situaltons

For both situations


Disaster Management

Disaster Management.jpg

Disaster management is a vital requirement for your property. In case of emergencies, easy escape options and rescue options should be available.  Using virtual reality model of your property, we create disaster management services. We create escape and rescue options. In escape options, we have a visual guide for escaping from a location of building to a nearest safe exit. In rescue options, we visually guide rescue agencies to reach a crisis location from the nearest safe entrance. Our visuals truly match the real project.

This service is available as software workable on PCs, laptops, mobile devices and VR sets. This service can be added to your websites, mobile apps and used at information desks.

Disaster Managment


Virtual Reality Mobile Apps


Most of our services can be converted to mobile apps. You can ask us to convert the presentation of your property into mobile apps for your clients. 

VIrtual Reality Mobile Apps
Virtual Reality Website


Virtual Reality Websites

A2 VR HMD View VR device.png

We prepare websites in virtual reality format, where you can embed all your virtual reality presentations. The routine website content is displayed in virtual reality format. As such, even non-technical users can access this content easily as all the menus and information are floating around them.


Visual Navigation

Wedding Tent

You might require to make a presentation of a project where you want your clients to see the flow of human traffic. This service provides excellent options in terms of visual navigation. Instead of using dumb maps to show navigation, we provide real visuals of a project. These visuals are created from the 3D model of the project or through 360 panoramic photographs of actual property. 

VIsual Navigation


We are developing these services too.

These are the services on which we are developing side by side and we will be launching them soon in the market.


Interactive Physical Reality

Interactive Physical Reality SC.jpg

This is our advanced upcoming service. We cover your existing projects using special gadgets to convert visual data to 3D data. Using this device, we can prepare a 3D model of your existing property by scanning it. Once the model is prepared, we add interactive points and menus for users to navigate.

Interactive Physical Reality
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