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What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented or Mixed Reality is a combination of Virtual Reality and Physical Reality. As virtual reality is a computer-generated visualization of some environment which does not exist and Physical reality is a computer-generated visualization of some existing environment, Augmented reality is a computer-generated visualization of some existing environment augmented with some imaginary components.

In augmented reality, we utilize an existing environment and add some imaginary components to it. These components then become part of that environment and users can interact with the same way they interact with the environment. As such, they feel these components are actually present and are part of that environment.

To understand this, let us discuss an example.

We have a newly constructed shopping mall and we are at a stage of designing interiors for it. We generate a digital model of showroom, which truly resembles the property itself. If we place users in this environment, users feel they are in the actual showroom. Till now, this is Physical Reality. Next, we add our interior components to this environment. We create these components as 3D models and place them all along the environment. Augmented reality technology makes them an integral part of that environment. Now when we place users in the environment, they feel the whole environment and our components integrated as one. They feel these components are actually existing in the environment and they can interact with them. This is augmented reality.

Once an augmented reality model is ready, we can load an array of our advanced services on it. Users can have the benefit of using these models on their mobile devices. These models can also work on PCs, laptops and VR sets. These models can be uploaded on cloud based platforms like websites and mobile apps. They can be shared on social media and as standalone versions.

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