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What is Physical Reality?

Physical Reality is a digital representation of a physically existing environment. In this technology, the computer-generated model resembling closely to a real environment is created. The purpose of creating such a model is to bring that environment of property to users.

The conventional way of showcasing a property or environment to users is creating videos or photographs. This way users can have some idea about that environment. Using physical reality, we can bring a complete environment to the users and users can be placed in it. Users now can interact with this environment the same way they interact with a real physical environment. In addition, they may be able to perform many other tasks associated with that environment.

Physical reality is in the form of software which creates a visualization. This software can run on PCs, laptops, mobile devices, and VR sets. This software can be distributed on cloud-based platforms, social media, and standalone versions. Many services can be embedded in these physical reality models, which can make them more useful than just visualization. Advanced services like indoor navigation, disaster management, and virtual reality advertising and marketing can be augmented to these models.

To understand and sum up above mentioned content, we take an example.

Owners of a shopping mall want to make a presentation. We make a physical reality model for them. using various techniques, we create a digital model of the shopping mall. We may utilize 360 panoramic photographs, scan the whole property with special equipment, or make a three dimensional model of the mall. We upload this model on their website or share it on social media. Now users can use this model with equipment like VR sets, to find themselves into this model. They can move into this model and interact with its components. We can also embed an array of advanced services to this model. Users can utilize these services while navigating through it.

If users do not have access to VR sets, they use this model on PCs, laptops an mobile devices. They can also use it as displays on television sets and large screens. In all cases, they can use all services associated with the model.

This model can be uploaded to cloud-based platforms like websites and mobile apps. It can also be shared on social media and as independent executable files.

These physical reality models serve many purposes. They form high-quality informative material. They can also be used for various operational services. They can also be used for promotional services and advertisement. Once a physical reality model is generated, it can be augmented to many services and products.

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