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Public Buildings

Public buildings are often associated with high human traffic flow and multiple procedures to be performed. Moreover, most public buildings are vast spans of indoor areas. Usual difficulties faced by visitors to these places are mentioned below.

1.    Navigation.
Users find difficulty in locating the right place for their purpose of visit. They often have to enquire from many persons to locate it. Often, the signage is either not sufficient, or not clear to the users. Moreover, signage provides information only about places located near the point of signage. If users happen to visit a totally different block of the property, they might get signage with similar names as the other block, but that would lead them in the wrong direction.

2.    Procedures
It often becomes difficult for users to locate the right places and information to perform a procedure. It may be a form available at a particular place, users get confused. This lead to chaos at such places.

3.    Disaster Management.
In case of emergencies, it becomes very confusing and difficult to escape from such buildings, even if exit signals are provided. Users may not be able to reach the nearest safe exit. Moreover, the rescue agencies may take a while to reach areas in crisis, in a lack of immediate information and maps of such buildings.

We provide effective solutions to all these difficulties. 

Indoor Navigation
Disaster Managment


360 POI Physical Reality Image.jpg

We can provide a complete visual tour in virtual reality format for any public building or property. Users can make themselves habitual about such properties even before visiting them. The experience is so immersive, they feel they are actually visiting the property. This helps in knowing about a public building and its services before visiting. This also helps in reducing chaos and irregular human traffic in such places.

We use 360 panoramic visuals of the existing property and link them on a special application. We add navigation options and detailed information on these visuals. Once users access this tour, they can navigate point to point in the property using menus, interactive maps and intuitive markers. At each location, they can access all the information embedded in it. 

These tours can run on PCs, laptops, mobile devices and VR sets. You can also upload them to your websites and mobile applications. You can even use it for informative and promotional purposes by uploading and displaying them on large format screens at public places.

360 POI Physical Reality Tour
Visual Navigation
Procedural Navigation


We are developing these services too.

These are the services on which we are working side by side and we will be launching them soon in the market.

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