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Indoor Navigation

Navigational services are becoming more and more common. More and more people are getting used to navigation technology. It helps them in saving a lot of time and effort. Also, it helps in controlling traffic and congestion.  Usual navigation is through GPS signals available from satellites. Unfortunately, this signal is not available in indoor spaces. So, navigation devices fail to work in covered areas. As such, navigation services are not available.


At places like airports, educational institutions, hotels, hospitals, and public buildings, a huge flow of human traffic and multiple procedures are associated. Lack of indoor navigation is a major hassle in easy navigation and the flow of human traffic. Our technology helps people to navigate from one point to another, where GPS technology cannot play its role. We can provide a location accuracy of ±0.5m. Our users can see their exact location inside a building can find routes to their desired destination.


For example, finding a shop in a shopping mall, finding a patient’s room in a hospital, finding check-in counters and boarding gates an airport, reaching the right department in a government building, a complete guided tour at an event or an expo and much more. When a person visits a place for the first time, he has no idea about the vicinity, and he might get lost/confused. Our technology helps each individual to find paths. Finding routes from point A to B is one of the features. The second one is procedural navigation.


Now, what is procedural navigation? Let’s say you have visited a driving license office for new application submission for the first time. It is difficult for you to find the exact procedure that you have to follow to achieve your goal since you don’t know from where you will get a token, where you have to give your medical test, where you have to take the files and where to submit documents and fees. Our technology helps you to follow the right procedure to complete your goal. The application will show you to first walk towards the point A (let’s say the token booth), then after taking the token get the files from point B (let’s say counter number 3), then give a medical test at point C (let’s say a medical room) and so and so. This is a complete step by step guide for every individual for their different goals.


Our technology gives an accuracy of ±0.5m inside a building, so it becomes very accurate in terms of indoor distances for turn by turn navigation. The third and most vital feature of this technology is that it helps people inside a building to escape from inside in the shortest distance in case of an emergency like a fire, earthquake, flood, active shooter, etc. Since our technology can even work offline so it can help people in many adverse situations too. People will get a complete step by step, turn by turn guidance to escape the building in the shortest time and distance. We can also give the rescue team a secure portal where they can access information about the people inside the building at the time of rescue. They can see the exact location of each person and reach them in with turn by turn navigation in the shortest distance and time. This could help save many lives and rescue people. Our technology is very secure in terms of privacy of the location of the people as we do not collect any user location coordinates on our back-end servers.


The whole calculation of finding the location of a person using the triangulation method is done on the user end device. This explains the privacy of the user’s location too. This technology can bring many benefits to every individual visit at the building where we have this technology available. This is all about technology and its use. Now let’s talk about the functioning of this technology. We place devices inside the building at strategic points that emit the signal of their existence and signal strength. Then we use the fundamental technology of triangulation to pinpoint a user’s location. This calculation is done at the user's end so as to maintain her privacy. These devices which are installed at the building doesn’t need any external power source to work.

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