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As a showroom owner, you would prefer that all your products are displayed properly to your customers. Your customers should know about the placement of products in your showroom. Sometimes, customers even buy those products which they do not immediately require, just by looking at them.

You would also like to make presentations of all your products and services to customers even before they visit your showroom. This would definitely increase the footfall.

We have great solutions for you. Our virtual reality presentation serves both on-site and off-site purposes. Customers visiting your showroom can have easy access to various sections and products displayed at your showroom. Even before visiting your property, they would know all about your products and showroom, which would make their visit more comfortable.

We also provide solutions for easy navigation inside showrooms. Our virtual reality advertising and marketing services allow you to send offers and promotions to your customers.

Services suitable for you are described below.


Indoor Navigation

We provide state of art indoor navigation. Our service is available in both forms of map navigation and visual navigation. We install special devices to act as a satellite to pinpoint location inside a building. We can get the location with an accuracy of <5cm. The interesting aspect of this service is AR and visual navigation. Users navigate into the building using actual 360 images or AR technology. Users can use this service in an online/offline and on-site/off-site mode.

Indoor Navigation
Product Visualiztion


Product Visualization

Product Visualization

We offer highly advanced services to visualize a product. We place a high-quality model of the product in a suitable three-dimensional virtual environment. This environment has no limits in terms of creativity. You can choose any environment which otherwise would never be possible in real life. For example, you can choose to place a mobile phone under the sea. Users would walk under the sea to view your mobile phone. Our interactive tools allow flipping mobile phone in any direction, even dissociate it into smaller parts so that users can view each part separately. Users can also X-Ray the mobile phone to see that is inside. In addition, we associate information and data with the products which are available to users by simple gestures.

You can use this service on your websites or mobile apps. You can also use it at information desks using touch screens.

360 POI Physical Reality Tour


360 POI Physical Reality Image.jpg

In this service, we map your entire property and create 360 panoramic visuals. We link these visuals on our application and create navigation options. The options are both in the menu and virtual reality format. Users can contact virtual reality markers to navigate in the showroom. We also provide interactive maps to guide users about their current location and how to navigate directly to the desired location. We also link information and data to various elements of the showroom in the form of text, audio, video, external links or virtually any format usable on computers. When users use this service, they feel as if they are actually present in the showroom.

This service is in software form, workable on PCs, laptops, mobile devices and VR sets. You can upload this to your website and mobile apps too.



This product is very light and portable. It gives a quick presentation of your showroom. We shoot a 360 video of your property by covering all the strategic locations. We add information about each part of the showroom. When users use this product, they feel they are traveling in the showroom in an automatic vehicle. They can stop anywhere or even move backward. Obviously, they can visualize in any direction just by turning.

360 Physical Reality Video Tour


Disaster Management

Disaster Management.jpg

We provide great disaster management services for showrooms. Using our virtual reality models, we provide users visual navigation to safe nearest exits in case of emergencies. We also guide rescue agencies visually to reach a location in crisis at your showroom in case of emergencies. Our services can be used both in online and offline modes. Even if there is no data or wifi available, our service can work on users' mobile to guide them about safe exits.

Disaster Managment


VR Advertisement and Marketing

VR Advertising.jpg

Our virtual reality tours can be augments for advertising and marketing. Once the users use our services and reach a location, offers and promotions associated with them are popped up on their screens. They can access them instantly. These offers are pushed to users both in on-site and off-site models.

VR Advertising and Marketing
VIrtual Reality Mobile Apps


Vritual Reality Mobile Apps


Most of our services can be combined with mobile apps for the users on move. These mobile apps can also be installed as information kiosks using touch panels at various locations at the airports. These apps are multi-platform which can run on any mobile devices. These applications are multilingual so as to have a very wide availability for the audience.

Virtual Reality Website


Virtual Realty Websites

A2 VR VR Website Cars.png

We create virtual reality websites where users feel they are inside the webspace. They move on the website as if they move in real space. They interact with information provided just by simple gestures like touching. Imagine we create your website in the form of your real showroom. Whenever users use this website, they actually enter the model of your showroom. It is worth mentioning here that our models resemble closely to real properties and it is not easy to make out differences. Users move in your showroom model and interactive with various information and data associated with elements of the model. They pass near a product or section and information tag springs up. They touch the tag and complete information in the form of text, audio, video or any other link is made available to them. Visiting your website would be quite similar to visiting your real showroom. Users can make purchases using our e-commerce portal on the website. They can do all the routine stuff of a normal website in addition to virtual reality options.

VIsual Navigation


Visual Navigation

Visual Navigation.jpg

We provide virtual reality visual navigation services for showrooms which have many departments and users need navigation tools for navigation. Our visuals truly resemble actual showroom and guide users in navigating to different parts of the showroom. Users can also use menus and interactive maps for navigation. Navigation is so easy in format, even non-technical users can use it to navigate in the showroom easily.

Procedural Navigation


Procedural Navigation

Procedural Navigation.jpg

This service is excellent for showrooms where various procedures are involved in addition to the simple purchase of products. Like a car showroom where in addition to buying cars, users can buy accessories, get cars serviced and many more. In such showrooms, we provide virtual reality procedural navigation. In this service, procedures are available on a virtual reality model. Users select any procedure and they are guided visually how to perform them. They are also provided information in the form of text, audio, video or external links. Our visuals resemble closely to real visuals. As such user experience to be present in the showroom even if they use this application off-site.

We are developing these services too.

These are the services on which we are developing side by side and we will be launching them soon in the market.


Interactive Physical Reality

Interactive Physical Reality SC.jpg

This is an advanced upcoming service where we map an existing property and convert it into a 3D model. We then make a virtual reality tour where users can move into the property and walk freely around as they walk in real property. They can interact with the elements of property and access data associated with them. For example, users can walk into the virtual reality tour of a museum. They can move freely just like in a real museum. When they touch any object placed in the museum, the can access data associated with it. This data would have detailed information about that object.

Interactive Physical Reality
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