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The army is related to enormous human powers, tremendous tasks, immense spread-out of assets and foundation, broad tedious preparing, the steady extension and crisis activities. All these require enormous arrangements and steady support. An enormous measure of time and cash is required for these tasks. A huge amount of time and money is required for these operations. Most of these operations are presently performed in real situations, be it training or preparations. It involves huge investments in terms of space and resources.

Many of the army procedures, even during maritime operations, are repetitive and widespread. Personnel all over have to perform similar operations repetitively to keep themselves prepared. This constantly exhausts resources. 

We provide very savvy solutions to the army. We provide virtual reality environments for the army to train its personnel in varied and vivid environments. These environments can constantly be created and changed, so that personnel is trained for different situations. Moreover, these environments can be used multiple times at multiple by multiple people simultaneously.

In addition to these, we provide many other services in virtual reality format, which army can utilize both for operations and establishment.

Our other services which can be utilised efficiently for the army are discussed as under.


VR Training.jpeg

Army requires a large number of training platforms. Each time they have to create a physical setup. These setups have the following drawbacks.

1.    They require a huge amount of space to set up.
2.    They require a lot of money.
3.    Time is required to create any new setup.
4.    Changes are not easy to be made.
5.    A similar amount of time and money is required to remove these setups.
6.    These setups are not portable. They can only be used at the location they are situated in.

Using virtual reality, we can create virtual platforms for training purposes. These come in the form of software that can be used on normal PCs, laptops, laptops and VR sets. These setups present a complete environment specifically designed for the purpose of training. When users use them with VR sets, they have an immersive experience of being present into these environments. As our environments can be augmented with real life situations and animations, users can train themselves in these situations a repetitive number of times. Our virtual reality training setups come with the following advantages.

1.    Very small space is required for these setups. Or in other words, a large number of people can be imparted             training in a small amount of space.
2.    The fraction of money is required to create such setups.
3.    The time required is much less than creating a physical setup.
4.    Any number of changes is possible without adding much time and money.
5.    Once a virtual reality setup is ready, it adds to the library. They can be used anywhere and at anytime.
6.    Our setups are totally portable. Once created, they can be used at multiple places simultaneously. 

VR in Simulation and Training


Disaster Management.jpg

Apart from wartime operations, the army has a great responsibility as disaster management. In addition, the army itself has huge setups and disaster management operations are essential there too. Our disaster management services provide a great tool for disaster management.

Our disaster management services come in the form of a software model of properties with interactive navigation and information embedded. These models can be used on PCs, laptops, mobile devices and VR sets.

Considering the army as a major rescue force, personnel need to be made conversant about the site in crisis, whenever there is an emergency. Army personnel is always ready for disaster management. Whenever there is a call for emergencies, army teams rush for crisis locations. After reaching the location, the first and most important task is to know about the site. For this purpose, either map is required, or someone who knows in detail about the site.

Both of these are often not available in a crisis. Even if maps are available, it takes quite some time to understand them. Moreover, there are often a lot of changes in actual buildings when compared to the maps. As such, maps are just a small help.

At times of crisis, everybody is in panic and even if someone knows in detail about the site, it is not easy to explain it to army teams.

In this situation, our disaster management models come in handy. Army personnel can learn about the site in crisis in detail on their way to the site. Our model presents a true picture of the site. Army teams can form strategies for rescue while on the move. As such, rescue can start immediately saving a lot of lives and property.

Disaster Managment



Our product visualization services can be used by the army in providing presentations and detailed training about a product. Our product visualization service not only provides in-depth information abbot with a product but also provides its operational use. Users can use the product in an actual form they can use it in the real world. Our service can also be utilized for troubleshooting.

Consider a new weapon procured or designed by the army. This weapon would have to be demonstrated to army personnel all across the country. It requires multiple copies to be created and dispatched to various army units all over the country, along with the trained personnel. This requires a lot of money and effort.

Our product visualization service provides complete interactive information about the weapon. It can not only provide physical data as in size and shape, but it can also embed a tremendous amount of technical data. Uses can access this data when they contact relevant sections of the weapon. Users can even see inside the weapon.

Since our model is working and functional, the use of a weapon and its various parts can be demonstrated easily. Users can learn about various components while using them as they would do if they have access to the real weapon. In addition, the information in the form of text, audio or videos can be embedded at the relevant point of the weapon.

This product comes in the form of software that can be used on PCs, laptops, mobile devices, VR sets, large displays and touch screens at information desks.

Product Visualization
Exisitng Buildings
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