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Product Visualization

This service is an excellent way to showcase your products on digital media. This service is available in many formats. You can use this service in a standalone mode where only products are displayed. You can also embed this service on your websites. You can farther embed this service into our other products and services.

We believe that every product requires a suitable environment for the best presentation. Sometimes, a product displayed alone does not carry the intended impact. If the same product is presented in an appropriate environment, the effect is much more profound. For example, a sheet of laminate or a catalog of laminates would not carry the same impact as laminates shown as finished products in furniture.

Our service consists of two elements. One is the product itself. The other is the environment. We create high-quality digital models of the products. Sometimes we generate working models too. For example, a model of a watch may have working hands and gears. Next, we create a suitable environment for displaying the product. The environment could be anything, a physically feasible environment or abstract creative environment. Our environment is developed using virtual reality where users can actually be sent into it.

If we embed this service with our other services, the environment could be an actual place where the product is physically displayed. If you intend to create just an e-commerce portal to sell your products, we can provide you a simple background with no environment.

Since the product is a digital model, users can interact with it. Users enter the environment and find products all around them. They can move into the environment the same way they move in a physical space. Our environment is of such high quality, there is very little possibility to make out the difference from a real environment. Users have a totally immersive experience. Once they navigate near the product, information tags pop up. These tags provide initial information about the product. Once users contact these tags, detailed information is available.

When users contact the product itself, the product gets isolated from the environment. Product is seen floating in front of the users. Users can rotate the product in any direction to visualize it thoroughly. They have options to disintegrate it into smaller parts. This way, they can have a comprehensive idea of how the product has been made. Users can even X-Ray the product and isolate any part of it.

There is a lot of information and data associated with parts of the product. This data is available as users visualize the products. This data could be in any form workable on computer platforms.

You can use this service in many forms.

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