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Shopping Malls

Shopping Malls are often huge spaces with multiple outlets displaying and retailing a large number of products. The spread of these outlets and products is vast. Moreover, a large number of visitors visit these malls. Their purpose for visits is vivid, ranging from making purchases, food and beverages, recreation and business. These visitors require a huge amount of information and guidance in navigating these malls. Human traffic control is an essential element in such places. In addition, disaster management services form an essential element in the operations of these malls.

Our various products and services provide marvelous solutions to the needs of shopping malls. They not only help in regulating human traffic, but they also provide information, increase utilization and increase footfalls. These services also provide effective management in case of emergency situations.

Our visualization services bring the whole property to users, even before they visit it physically. users can have extensive immersive experience, similar to visiting the shopping mall physically when they use our services with proper equipment. As our services are available as software compatible with normal PCs, laptops and mobile devices, in addition to hi-tech VR sets, users can utilize them even without special equipment and yet have an immersive experience. 

Our advanced services like indoor navigation, procedural navigation and virtual reality advertisement and marketing are of great use in promoting shopping malls. Our disaster management services provide individual-level assistance both to users and rescue agencies for safe rescue operations in case of emergency situations. 

Services and products that can be beneficial to shopping malls are described and discussed below.

Indoor Navigation.jpg


Indoor Navigation

As shopping malls are often huge indoor spaces, GPS signals are not available. As such indoor navigation is not possible using traditions ways. We install special equipment all along the property to provide specialized visual navigation at such places. This equipment detects user positions with high accuracy and our indoor navigation application provides visual navigation to users based on their current positions. 

A special feature of our navigation application is visuals of actual property. In addition to interactive maps, users are guided through real panoramic visuals of the property. As they navigate through the property, the visuals change and match the current location. These visuals are embedded with detailed information about the location, which users can access by simple touch.  

This service can also be used in offline and offsite mode. Users can use this when not present at the shopping mall. This way they can educate themselves with the property and its features and services. This also forms an effective way of showcasing the shopping mall for promotion purposes.

This service can also be used at information desks and kiosks.

Indoor Navigation
360 POI Physical Reality Tour


360 POI Physical Reality Image.jpg

In this service, we map your whole property and make 360 all-encompassing visuals. We interface these visuals on our application and make route choices. The choices are both in the menu and virtual reality format. Clients can contact interactive markers to explore in the Shopping Mall. We likewise give intelligent maps to control clients about their present area and how to explore legitimately to an ideal area. We additionally connect data and information to different components of the Shopping Mall in a type of content, sound, video, outside connections or for all intents and purposes any configuration usable on PCs. At the point when clients utilize this administration, they feel as though they are really present in the Shopping Mall.

This service is an excellent way of showcasing the entire property. When used by users on their personal devices, it provided information about the property. When displayed on large-format screens at public places, this service can be utilized for proportional purposes.

This service can further be augmented to our various other advanced products and services. This service effectively works on PCs, laptops, mobile devices and VR sets. Also, it can be uploaded to websites and mobile applications.


maxresdefault (1).jpg

This item is extremely light and convenient. It gives a fast introduction to your Shopping Mall. We shoot a 360 video of your property by covering all the key areas. We include data about each piece of Shopping Mall. At the point when clients utilize this item, they believe they are going in the Shopping Mall in a programmed vehicle. They can stop anyplace or even go in reverse. Clearly, they can imagine toward any path just by turning.

360 Physical Reality Video Tour


Product Visualization

A2 VR Showroom (11).png

We offer a very propelled service to display a product. We place an excellent model of the item in an appropriate three-dimensional virtual environment. This environment has no restrictions as far as the imagination. You can pick any location for the environment, which generally could never be conceivable, all things considered. For instance, you can put a cell phone under the ocean. Clients would stroll under the ocean to see your cell phone. Our intuitive apparatuses permit to flip cell phone toward any path, even separate it into littler parts so clients can see each part independently. Clients can likewise X-Ray the cell phone to see that is inside. What's more, we associate data and information with the items which are accessible to clients by straightforward signals.

Product Visualization


Disaster Management

Disaster Management.jpg

We give incredible rescue and escape services to Shopping Malls. Utilizing our virtual reality models, we give clients a visual route to safe closest exits if there should be an occurrence of crises. We additionally guide rescue organizations outwardly to achieve an area in an emergency at your Shopping Mall in the event of crises. Our service can be utilized both on the web and in disconnected modes. Regardless of whether there is no information or wifi accessible, our service can take a shot at clients' mobile devices to direct them about safe ways out.

This service can not only work on mobile devices, but also on PCs and laptops. It can also be embedded in websites and other mobile applications. It can also be distributed and used as standalone versions on PCs and mobile devices.

Disaster Managment


VR Advertisement and Marketing

A2 VR Showroom (31).png

Our virtual reality models and services can be augments for publicizing and promoting. When the clients utilize our services and navigate an area, offers and advancements related to them are sprung up on their screens. They can get to them in a split second. These offers are pushed to clients both in on location and off-site models. 

We utilize the fact that advertising and marketing are best effective when clients are in a state of mind of making purchases. If they visit a particular location of a property, it is quite assumable that they intend to make purchases related to that location. If offers related to similar purchases are pushed to them, they are more likely to be availed. In most of our virtual reality services and products, users navigate a property. They may do it while present physically at the site, or off-site. As they navigate, offers available to nearby locations are made available to them.

VR Advertising and Marketing
VIrtual Reality Mobile Apps


Vritual Reality Mobile Apps


Most of our services can be combined with mobile apps for the users on move. These mobile apps can also be installed as information kiosks using touch panels at various locations at the airports. These apps are multi-platform which can run on any mobile devices. These applications are multilingual so as to have a very wide availability for the audience.

Virtual Reality Website


Virtual Realty Websites

Image by Michael Weidemann

We make computer-generated reality sites where clients feel they are inside the webspace. They move in the site as though they move in genuine space. They cooperate with data gave just by basic motions like contacting. Envision we make your site in the type of your genuine Shopping Mall. At whatever point clients utilize this site, they really enter the model of your Shopping Mall. It merits referencing here that our models look like near genuine properties and it is difficult to make out contrasts. Clients move in your Shopping Mall model and intuitive with different data and information related to components of the model. They go almost an item or area and data label springs up. They contact the tag and complete data in the type of content, sound, video or some other connection is made accessible to them. Visiting your site would be very like visiting your genuine Shopping Mall. Clients can make buys utilizing our web-based business entryway on the site. They can do all standard stuff of a typical site notwithstanding computer-generated reality choices.

VIsual Navigation


Visual Navigation

Visual Navigation.jpg

We give augmented reality visual route administrations for Shopping Malls which have numerous offices and clients need route devices for the route. Our visuals really look like real Shopping Mall and guide clients in exploring various pieces of Shopping Mall. Clients can likewise utilize menus and intelligent maps for the route. The route is so natural in the arrangement, even non-specialized clients can utilize it to explore in the Shopping Mall effectively.

We create a virtual reality model of the shopping malls using 360 panoramic visuals. After linking them on our special application, we add interactive navigation and information options to them. This converts them into a tour form. Users can use this tour on special devices like VR sets and common equipment like PCs, laptops and mobile devices. They are visually navigated into the property and information is made available to them for each location.

This service can easily be augmented to our various other advanced services and products. This service can also be used for promotional purposes when running in auto mode on large screens. This way, this tour displays complete property in a sequential manner.

Procedural Navigation


Procedural Navigation

Procedural Navigation.jpg

This service guides users about various procedures and services available at the shopping malls. This service is an extension of our visual navigation service and virtual tours. After creating virtual reality tour of the entire property, we create menus for various procedures involved with the property. Users are guided visually to perform these procedures. For example, if users need to know the procedure to pay for parking, they can use this service, which is available both at users' end in form of the mobile app and at information desks, to know the right procedure for parking payment. They would be guided visually location to location to reach the required spot. If any information is to be downloaded, the same is made available to users on the application.

This service is in software form workable on PCs, laptops, mobile devices and VR sets. This service can be uploaded on websites and mobile applications. Users can use this in on-site modes on their mobile devices. They can also use it off-site to know more about the property and the procedures.

We are working on these services too.

These are the services on which we are developing side by side and we will be launching them soon in the market.


Interactive Physical Reality

Image by Heidi Sandstrom.

This is our exceptionally progressed up and coming administration. In this administration, we would filter your entire Shopping Mall and make a 3D model. When the model is prepared, we include data and an intelligent route. We place the clients in the Shopping Mall model and they can explore anyplace utilizing intuitive controls. They likewise get to data and information given. You can choose the degree of data and information to be related to different components of your Shopping Mall.

Interactive Physical Reality
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