We provide futuristic indoor navigation services. At places like hotels and resorts, where there are huge covered spaces, GPS signals are not available. Moreover, most of the navigation services do not have internal maps of properties. So indoor navigation using traditional navigation services is beyond the realm of imagination. We provide special indoor navigation devices that mark the location of an indoor user. This, combined with our virtual tour, provides excellent indoor navigation. Users are assisted in the navigation not only in the form of maps but also real-life visuals of the property. Maps are regularly hard to get it. Be that as it may, our visual navigation is so easy to use, since it uses genuine all-encompassing photos, even non-specialized clients can utilize this service effectively. 

This service is available to work on PCs, laptops, mobile devices and even VR sets. You can even use this service at touch screens at information kiosks.




These are the services on which we are working side by side and we will be launching them soon in the market.


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