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WebVR - Exterior

This product is a preview quality 3D model of the exterior of the project. It provides a light 3D model that can be embedded in the websites or presentations very easily. Once Client or customer consent for the designs, the detailed 3D model can be worked out later. Since this product is very light, any inexperienced user can also use it proficiently.

Sometimes due to lack of time and resources, a detailed 3D model is not feasible. In such cases, you can opt for this light model. You can distribute this model on various platforms for preview purposes.

This model gives a reasonably good idea about the sizes and proportions. It can also provide a basic idea about the finishes. The model is interactive and light; it can be flipped around easily, visualizing all the details. 

In cases where a few options are required, these models are beneficial. They can be prepared very fast, with minimal effort and time. Instead of presenting a project with only elevations and perspectives, these models allow live presentations with interactivity.

These models can work on websites and social media. They can be viewed on standard PCs, laptops, and mobile devices.


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Desktop application

Cloud-based application


Platforms available for

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Input methods

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VR headset

File formats available

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Windows Executable (.exe)

Google Street Views

Android APK

iOS application

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