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A few more services

that we work on


Indoor Positioning.jpg

We provide state-of-art indoor art navigation. Our service is available in both forms of map navigation and visual navigation. We install specialized devices to act as a satellite to pinpoint location inside a building with an accuracy of <5cm. Users can navigate into the building using actual 360 visuals. Users can use this service in an online/offline and on-site/off-site modes. This service can double up as a virtual tour of the property and can be used off-site.


Our virtual reality tours can be augmented in virtual reality marketing and advertising tools. In virtual reality tours, we use actual 360 photos of the premises and provide user-friendly navigation to move through the building. This navigation service can be used in both off-site and on-site mode. It means users can use this tool while at the place or before visiting. When the users are using this tool, and they pass near a location, promotions, and offers would popup on their mobile devices. Users now can walk into that location virtually and visualize these offers and promotions. By touching any offer, they would get detailed information, again in a VR format. Users can also do e-commerce through VR services.


We can provide visual navigation virtual tours. Usually, users have difficulty in understanding maps and signage for navigation. GPS also doesn't function inside a building. We provide visual navigation where users can navigate using visuals matching the actual location in the property. They also navigated through markers and other information contained in the visuals. Using this visual navigation, users can familiarize themselves with the path through the building even before visiting.


Procedural Navigation.jpg

Our procedural navigation service is an excellent way for guided navigation through a building and performing specific procedures associated with it. We provide a guide in a visual format, that takes the users location to location to complete a process. We add information and downloadable material too in the guide. Users can use this service as an application on their mobile devices or as an interactive guide available at the information center of the building.


Till now the users read and visualize the website. We present the future of websites where users go into the websites and interact with various elements. They would visualize the website contents all around them. They would be able to customize the websites by removing the unwanted content on the websites they want and change the content according to them. We create highly immersive virtual reality websites where the users are placed inside, and the content is presented a 3D digital space all around them.


Almost all our products and services are convertible to mobile apps. These apps can be used in both VR and normal mode. Using VR headsets, you can access the VR content and all other features of your services and products. You can also use them without VR sets. This way, users can utilize our services while on the move.

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