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Solutions for Smart Cities

Smart cities focus on providing smart solutions for the functioning of cities and the welfare of their citizens. In this article, we are addressing one such domain for smart cities.

Digitization of Public Buildings Digital models of any property are photo geometric representation where users can navigate through the property at their will and controls. We create a photo-geometric model of the property using special photography techniques. Next, we create a virtual reality tour of the property and add navigation controls. Using these navigation controls, users can visit these properties using their computers or mobiles, without actually visiting the property. After the tour is created, we add value-added information. We can add any type of information, be it in text form, image, audio, video or external web links. Information can be added to any element visible on the tour. Users can access this information by touching these elements. They can even download files and forms. As this digitization is based on actual site images, it is the truest form of representation of that property. Unlike building plans, these models show properties in actual working forms, which include all the deviations from maps and plans. Digital models of public buildings are necessary for a truly smart city. These models help in multiple ways. 1. Providing information about buildings to citizens 2. Providing detailed information about these buildings to the administration for future planning 3. Creating regulated human traffic flow at such places by providing beforehand information 4. Reducing human traffic at these places by providing more online solutions 5. Providing disaster management services at public buildings In this article, we would limit ourselves to Virtual Tours. In my subsequent articles, we would discuss more services that can be added to Virtual Tours, thus elaborating on all five points mentioned above towards utilities of Virtual Reality Tours. This video demonstrates a Virtual Reality tour with many value-added services. To remain in the context, we have highlighted only the tour part in this video.

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