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Many victims of 26/11 Taj Mahal Hotel Mumbai Attack could have been saved

In the present world where crime and terrorism are increasing, no user of a building is safe unless equipped with self-managed disaster management techniques. Though it is the responsibility of authorities to safeguard users, the users themselves must prepare themselves for their own safety.

We provide Virtual Reality disaster management services that can be used by rescue agencies as well as users themselves. The service is available on desktop as well as mobile devices version. This service works both in an online and offline format. In the online format, users are intelligently guided to safe exits near them, if they find themselves in crisis while in a building. In offline mode, they still can navigate easily using virtual reality visuals, which match closely to the original building. No maps or text is required to guide them, as we assume that in emergency situations, maps and data becomes ineffective as users go in a panic. They may even forget the location they are present. They would not be able to read the maps effectively. Most effective in such a situation is matching the visuals on their mobile devices to real visuals.

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