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Environment Control | Day Night & Seasons

Shadow analysis is an important element in designing and planning any architectural project. This analysis enables to simulate shadows of various elements around a project, like trees, geological features and surrounding buildings. Using this analysis, users can simulate various times of the day to check the shadows casted on the project.

This analysis is done by creating a digital model of an architectural project and its surroundings. We create exact surroundings of the projects using satellite or Lidar data. Also, we locate the models on exact same geological coordinates, as the real project, to obtain a perfect simulation of sun movement.

We also create digital replicas of architectural projects. We place these models of same geological coordinates as the real project. We simulate passage of sun on the model. This creates simulation for sunlight received by model of the project. Since the geological coordinates are same as the real project, exact situation can be simulated for sunlight.

Our simulations allow sunlight simulation for various seasons. Users can control time of the day to check the amount of sunlight received by the model.

In addition, we create exact surroundings of the project for authentic simulation of sunlight.

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