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Corporate Presentation

Virtual reality can bring architectural 3D digital models live. Users can not only walk into these models, they can live in them for as long as they want. They can experience the models like a real property.

Making a great 3D model and presenting it in form of images or video is just like baking a great cake and just clicking pics or video. Virtual reality allows users to live in a 3D digital model. Using virtual reality, we can make any 3D model live. Users can move inside it freely and experience it like a real property. They can use the model like the property. They can operate doors, windows, curtains, electrical appliances, lights and much more. Virtual reality interactive modelling allows them to experience the property in different light conditions. Users can experience it at any time and date of the year, to analyse amount of sunlight and air entering the property. In fact users can do much more than a real property. They can fly through the property, walk under the furniture, glide along ceilings and reach the most inaccessible corners. They can also access immense amount of data embedded to various elements. What more, users can even change the model. They can move furniture to change layouts, change colors, textures and even designs. We can add company catalogs for different elements and users can choose models and variants from them. Navigation controls are simple. For computers and laptops, users control the movements with mouse. For mobile devices, controls are on touch. For VR sets, simple gestures like turning around and moving hands control all navigation.

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