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GPS navigation is way of life. But what about indoor spaces? We create solutions for visual navigation for smart buildings.

Difference between routine navigation and visual navigation:

  1. GPS navigation works in open spaces whereas visual navigation works both in open and covered spaces.

  2. GPS navigation is based on maps whereas visual navigation is based on actual panoramic visuals and interactive maps.

  3. Visual navigation is much more interactive and easier to understand as compared to GPS navigation.

For creating visual navigation, we create virtual reality photo-geometric model of the property. I have discussed this in detail in my previous post. After the model is created, we add interactive options. Users can navigate to the desired location using a series of panoramic visuals on our mobile app. Users also can use interactive maps to navigate to the desired location.

Since the visuals are of the actual site, users can easily match locations on their mobile devices with actual site.

Visual Navigation can work both in online and offline formats. In this article and video, I am discussing the offline format.

After watching the video, you would realise how easy it is to use visual navigation. No special skills are required, unlike GPS navigation. In my next article, I would discuss online visual navigation, also called as indoor navigation.


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