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Virtual Reality Websites

Virtual Reality Websites is a futuristic concept where usual site content is present to the users in virtual reality format. Instead of showing all the content on a two-dimensional page, we present it in three dimensions. Content is placed all around users. Users can navigate into the website as they walk into real space.

Instead of visiting web pages, users visit web areas where different content is available. It is similar to visiting a library looking for books. Books are available in different sections of the library, arranged in different racks. Similarly in VR websites, content is available in different virtual spaces arranged neatly all around users.

This type of presentation makes websites much more interactive and interesting. Instead of cluttering the screen with data, content is placed neatly in three-dimensional space.

Any type of content can be embedded in virtual reality websites, much like any usual website. Virtual reality websites could be wholesome websites or a part of conventional websites.

Essentially a virtual reality website consists of a virtual tour. Users navigate through a three-dimensional environment and touch the content placed around them. Content is marked conspicuously with interactive tags. The environment is selected suiting the theme and content of the website.

This demonstration video is based on a hotel website. Virtual tour of the hotel building forms the base of the website.


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