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Virtual Reality Tours for the Architects

Virtual reality tours are a great way of making architectural presentations. These tours can be created for upcoming projects as well as existing properties. These tours are interactive and users can navigate in the property showcased in the tour, point to point, the same way as they navigate in actual property.

Virtual reality tours have easy navigation controls. In addition, interactive maps are provided to reach the desired location directly.

Multiple other navigation options can be created depending upon the requirements.

Valuable information can be embedded in these tours, which users can access by simple controls. This information makes the tours much much productive and useful.

These tours work on multiple platforms. They can be viewed on computers/laptops, mobile devices and VR sets. These tours are available in multiple formats. They are available as independent executable files, mobile applications and html. Thes tours can also be uploaded on Google maps.

These tours can be shared in many ways. They can be embedded on websites, shared on social media, used as mobile apps,

These tours are a great way for architectural presentations as the view can be adjusted any time according to requirements. Users can visualize in any direction. As such, these tours cover almost all details of a property.

Architects can use these tours for making presentations for upcoming projects and showcasing their


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