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Virtual Reality Product Catalogs

Product Catalogs are meant for visualization of products and there may not be a better way than virtual reality for visualization. Using virtual reality, we can create awesome interactive product catalogs. To understand the utility of virtual reality for product catalogs, let us discuss the characteristics of a good catalog.

  1. A good catalog should be able to showcase the product with all its details. Users should be able to access every possible detail with ease, without getting confused and overwhelmed.

  2. A good catalog should have a visualization of the product. Users should be able to visualize the product in every possible direction.

The usual way of creating product catalogs are printed material, videos, and websites. Out of these all, websites are used in a much wider way these days. They are also used for e-commerce. Every e-com portal requires product catalogs.

Usually, the websites showcase the products as images. A few images are provided for every product. Some websites and portals have upgraded themselves to provide videos of the product. Detailed information is provided in textual and images form along with the product. Users usually go through the images and text to find relevant information. But there are some drawbacks here.

  1. Only a few images are provided. These images may not cover all vital angles of the product. Users may want to visualize the product from a specific angle, which is not possible with photographs or even a video.

  2. Users get lost in the information provided. Often, they tend to miss the important information in the jargon of other details.

  3. Users can see the working of the product only if videos are provided. It all depends upon the maker of video to showcase all functions of the product.

  4. If all the images and information of all variants of a product are provided, catalogs would become too elaborate and difficult to use.

Product Visualization A2 Virtual Reality
Our VR applications have multi-platform support.

Benefits of Virtual Reality Catalogs

  1. Virtual reality catalogs virtually bring the product in the hands of users. Users can flip the product in any direction they want. They can zoom into any detail. They can inspect the product in minutest form, which may not even be possible by visiting the display center of the product.

  2. Detailed information in form of text, images, audio, video or external web links can be provided to the product and any part of it. This information comes visible only when users need it.

  3. All the variants can be made available to users on the same screen. Users can make their selection by contacting an interactive menu.

  4. A suitable interactive environment can be created for every product. This enhances the display and presentation of the product.

  5. The virtual reality catalogs can simply be added to existing websites. There is no need to change them. A link is added to the existing form of catalog and this link leads to virtual reality model visualization for every product. The rest of the website remains intact.

In brief, virtual reality is an excellent medium for visualization and better visualization better would be the catalogs.


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