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Virtual Reality Offices - A Green Initiative

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

Virtual Reality Offices - What are they

Virtual reality technology enables to create virtual offices. You can work in these offices just like a real office. Your colleagues and staff members would be seen working in the same office. In actual, you as well as all other people on your organisation would be working from their places. Our technology would transport them virtually to a virtual space and they would experience the same as working in a common office. How is this possible?

This is possible using virtual reality. A few steps are involved in this technology.

  1. Creating a virtual office. We first create a virtual office for you. This space is a digital model created using special software. The designs could resemble an existing physical space or totally imaginary. Imagine having your office in outer space or deep under the sea. We can create all for you.

  2. Installing special equipment at your place. We install scanning equipment at your place. This equipment scane your body movements and digitise them for further use. This equipment is readily available. Have you not ever played on Xbox, or seen your children using it? We use the similar technology.

  3. Creating your Avatar. We create your avatar. Choose the type of body you want and a face resembling your face. We superimpose your facial image over it to make it resemble you. You can make any amount of changes to make the avatar look different or similar to you.

  4. Launch the Office. Once all this is done at your place and your co-workers' place, we are ready to launch your office. Once the system operates, all of you would be seen in the virtual office we created. You can visualise the office on your computer screens or on special VR sets. Using VR sets, office and your co-workers would be seen all around you. Else you can visualize your office on computer screens. You can choose to see your avatar on the screen or see the office from the eyes of your avatar. You can change views easily or move to any location.

Ok, what's the cost involved?

Did we ask you the cost of establishing a physical office? You construct it or rent it. You do interiors and install furniture and hardware. You do airconditioning and lighting. You install security systems. You depute supporting staff. The cost involved in establishing our virtual office is a fraction of what you would spend in a physical office.

What about visitors?

Why not, using our technology, visitors can visit your office using your website. They would experience the same office as you do. They need not install any special equipment for it. They may even use a mobile phone or an ordinary desktop microphone to communicate with your office.

But what are the benefits?

You can not even count all the benefits and we may not be able to elaborate on all of them. Still, we are trying to list a few.

  1. Green Initiative. Imagine the number of resources spend in establishing and running a physical office. Imagine the amount of electricity required, fuel required and resources spent to operate it. You spend huge resources on construction or interiors. You employ staff and supporting staff. They all travel to the office daily. Imagine the amount of fuel and resource spent. Virtual Offices are great green initiatives.

  2. Great Interior Options. You may choose to change the interiors any time without disturbing the working of your office, and that too at a fraction of cost. You may choose to have any imaginary office interiors.

  3. Great Presentations. You can present your office is a great way for your clients and customers. Imagine the number of fortunes required to maintain a similar physical office.

  4. Work from Home. You and your co-workers can work from home at their comfort and will. They can have flexible working hours.

  5. Reduced Business Travel. Imagine if such offices start functioning, anyone can visit your office virtually and you can visit any office similarly. The need of physical travel would reduce drastically. Business travel is one of the major travel around the world. Imagine the number of resources and environment saved in this process.

The benefits are countless, though we have listed only a few. Believe us, one day all the office would be virtual, you may choose to start early and become a pioneer.


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