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Virtual Reality for Treatment of Phobias

Virtual Reality for Treatment of Phobias

Every one of us has some dread throughout everyday life. Some of the time these feelings of trepidation begin affecting our typical lives and they become phobias. Obviously, we as a whole can live with them. We can evade circumstances and components which are phobiatic. However, this can make our carries on with deficient.

Virtual Reality gives fantastic answers for the treatment of fears. To start with, the fear of a subject is distinguished. An environment is created which can be changed into something for which the subject is phobiatic. Like if the subject has fear of some creature, we make a domain where that creature can be introduced in a controlled manner. At first, it tends to be presented a way off in a single number. Step by step, the number can be expanded and separation diminished. The thought is to expose the subject to the components of fear in a controlled manner.

We make an application utilizing the Virtual Reality platform. The therapist introduces the application on a PC or laptop and interfaces it with a VR headset. The subject wears the VR headset. The application has two screens, one for the subject and the other for the therapist, offering controls.

The VR application makes a domain for the subject screen. The graphics and sounds are so genuine, subject accept to be a part of the domain. The therapist keeps a watch regarding the subject’s response and reactions and changes the environment step by step. At the point when the subject is presented to such various conditions and circumstances, their acknowledgment of the components they dread, increments, and subsequently evaporates.

These VR applications can be utilized in online formats as well. The subject and therapist need not be available together. The therapist can manage the treatment online from any distant area and watch the reactions through conventional webcams.

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