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Virtual Reality Architectural Visualization

Would you appreciate a masterpiece sculpture placed in a museum or a photograph of it? If I give you a video of it, any better? I know, you can appreciate it only in a three-dimensional view, when you can move around it and visualize it from every direction.

Same is the case with architectural 3D models. You might make an awesome model, render it with most realistic material and lighting and produce great renders, but without proper visualization techniques, it would never be appreciated up to what it deserves.

It is a similar case that you made a great building and allows users only to view it in pictures or videos. Users can appreciate it better only if they visit it. With virtual reality architectural visualization techniques, you can allow users to visit your 3D models. They can walk into the model at their will and visualize it from any direction. They can stay in the model as long as they want.

What more, they can access detailed information available with various components of the model. For an architectural model, they can access material specifications, brand names, technical specification or virtually anything you intend them to know. All this information would be hidden unless users intend to access them. This keeps the models truly realistic.

You can even allow users to make changes in models to express their choice. They may choose from a range of colours, specification, textures or models of various components. They may even change the furniture layout to suit their requirements.

These models are easy to use and work on multiple platforms. For best results, VR sets are recommended. In the absence of these devices, these models work great on PC monitors. Users can navigate through the models using easy mouse controls. Various navigation modes help users for easy navigation. We even have an automatic navigation mode, for those who hate to use mouse and keyboard. In this mode, users are taken for an automated tour of the model. Users still can choose to take control any time.

In brief, virtual reality visualization makes the 3D models live.


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