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Procedural Navigation using Virtual Reality

A city can be termed as smart when the procedures involving citizens are smart too and when the buildings are smart. What is the use of a smart city if citizens have to enquire about every detail for performing a procedure at a building?

We provide smart solutions for this. Our Procedural Navigation service assists citizens in performing various procedures at a building or property. Our service can be used on multiple platforms like computers, laptops and mobile devices. This service can be used both in on-site and off-site formats. Even before visiting a property, users can use it to educate themselves regarding various steps involved in a procedure they intend to perform at that property. Users can also use it on their mobile devices while at the property.

We create a virtual reality tour of the property, as discussed in my previous articles. We identify various procedures involved at the property and create visual navigation to perform them. Users are guided point to point for various locations they need to visit. We can also embed elaborate guiding information in form of text, images, audio, video or external web links. Users can even download information and forms related to procedures.

Since users can use this service off-site, they can prepare themselves for the procedure before visiting the property. This way, a streamlined flow of human traffic is formed. At the same time, assistance requirements on the property are reduced. Since many procedures do not even require users to visit the site, this service help in reducing human traffic of those users, who visit the property just for enquiries.

This service can also be used as information guides on the property when used on platforms like information pedestals and large screen displays.

This video demonstrates the functioning of Procedural Navigation. Needless to say, this is just a sample video, actual procedures would be different and specific to every property.


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