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A2 VR for Real Estate Builders

Our digital visualizations allow users to be virtually present in the project environments and have move around freely while interacting with the various elements of the project, unlike the conventional architectural visualizations which provide no controls or experience. Using our products, users would experience as if physically present and living in the project. We call this "immersive" experience.

In addition to this, some of our products allow the user to make changes in the project according to their likings.

When we say, users, we mean your clients who would actually use the projects or persons making presentations for the projects. Our products can be used online as well as offline. It means you can embed our visualizations on your websites or on social media or use them as live presentations. Our visualizations can be used on PC, mobile and VR platforms.

Our products can be used both for upcoming new projects and existing projects. Using our products, you can take your clients for site visits without actually moving them away from their homes. This way event the clients living in places far away from your projects can effortlessly visit your projects without spending any time and money. They can visit your project any number of times and at the time of their convenience. They can be present in your projects for as long as they want. They can experience your projects as if they are living in them.

Our products provide user-friendly controls and are available with menus and assistance to help users navigate through the projects at their own will. This feature allows even allows non-technical users to use the products effortlessly.

In the content ahead, we have mentioned 360 visualizations of 360 views a few times. This means the users can turn around in any direction and have a view of the project around them. It's like standing at a point in the real project and having an all-around look.

Here is a brief description of some of our products.

Customizable Virtual Reality

Through this product, we create real-life digital visualizations of your upcoming projects and place your clients right into the project where they can move around at will. They can visit every part of the project, visualize from every possible angle and corner, even for places where they would not be able to see the real project. Interactive site map and point of interest maps are provided to help user help navigate through the project. Your clients would get a completely immersive experience of living and using the project.

Your clients can even make changes in the project. They can select from a provided range of colors, textures, materials and even items like furniture appliances. You can choose which elements in your project are selectable and changeable and range of selection would be provided in the form of a menu. Your clients can make selections from the menu and changes would be made instantly in the project. This way your clients can choose the best options for their projects. You can even make an instant display of cost calculations based on changes made by your clients.

Interactive Virtual Reality

In situations where you don’t like clients to make changes by themselves but avail all the benefits of the above-mentioned product, this is the product for you. Here, selectable and changeable items would not be provided to the users.

360 Virtual Tours

Sometimes the user wants minimum interactivity in visualizations and requires more of presentation mode. This is the right product.

Through this product, we provide a fly through into your projects with 360 degrees of visualizations at every point on a pre-defined path.

To better understand these products, we give you candid examples. In Customizable Virtual Reality, you place the user in the projects and they can move around freely, they can sit on the couch, lie on the bed, stand in the balcony, cook in the kitchen, walk in the garden or take a shower, thus virtually live in the project. The user can also make changes, of course, which you allow them and make final decisions about their projects. In Interactive Virtual Reality, you forbid users to make these changes. 360 Virtual Tour is like a guided tour where the user is taken through the project but he still can turn and look in all directions while being on a fixed path.

360 POI Virtual Model

Some projects do not require a walkthrough but still, you want your clients to stand at pre-selected locations in the project and visualize in 360 degrees. The points are marked on an interactive map and users can navigate from point to point.

360 Physical Reality Walkthrough

This product is very useful in preparing presentations for your completed projects. We would provide you a walkthrough for the physically existing projects and users can turn and visualize in all directions on the walkthrough path.

This product can also be used for site inspections and report preparation during the execution of the projects.

360 POI Physical Reality

This product can be used to prepare presentations of your existing/completed projects and users visualize in all directions while standing at pre-defined points. These points are marked on an interactive map and the user can choose a point of interest from the map. They would be transferred to that location in the project.

The first four products are meant for new projects are in the planning or development stage and do not exist physically. The next two products are meant for physically existing projects.

We have many more products mentioned on our website.

Our team comprises of architects, interior designers, civil engineers, 3D modelers, VFX artists, and Game/VR Developers. We use an array of software, which we have specially customized and programmed. None of our products is made using any ready-to-use software. Very soon we are launching our services at various global locations.


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