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Company Profile

Archviz Division

Archviz division of A2 Virtual Reality works in the field of visual technologies using virtual reality platform. We create multi-platform applications for interactive visualization of architectural projects. In addition to interactions our applications incorporate databased linkage, artificial intelligence and BIM. We create applications both for upcoming and existing projects. In addition to the applications, we also create corporate presentations with high quality graphics and VFX.


We are a team of architects, interior designers, civil engineers, software engineers, gaming experts, cinematographers and VFX experts. Together we create awesome applications and presentations.


We have been into existence since 2014. We have been undertaking projects from all over the globe. Due to our obligation towards Non-Disclosure-Agreements, we never disclose project names or client names. Some of our clients allow us to create presentations of the projects we undertake, after making some changes to them and omitting the titles.


Towards the scope of this document, we have listed a few of our projects for architectural visualization for upcoming projects. These videos are either screen captures or video presentations of respective projects. Please refer to other sections of this website for other projects and categories.

To see our other works, please visit

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