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Virtual Reality in E-Com

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

E-Com is a way of life. Perhaps we engage more in online shopping than conventional. But why cannot we still not rely completely on online shopping? Why we do not buy certain items online and rely on physical shopping from retail outlets?

Perhaps the answer is item inspection. Presently we cannot inspect an item closely on online portals. What we get is textual specifications, some images, and maybe a video. As per my experience, videos are seldom useful as they do not cover vital details. Images too may not cover the details we want. Moreover, there are no options to know about the internal details of an item.

Through virtual reality, we have solutions for this. We utilize the same e-com portals with all e-commerce options. We just change images of items with our virtual reality tours. We create a virtual reality tour of each item. On the portal, this tour appears as an image. When users click on this image, a virtual reality tour opens. This tour allows users to inspect the item from all possible directions. In addition, users access detailed information about that item.

This tour allows users to choose different colors and models of the same item. They can visualize the selected model instantly. We can embed any amount of data into these items. Users can fully satisfy themselves before adding items to their carts or purchasing them.

We strongly feel that if we can provide this much interactivity to e-com, acceptability, and usability would increase manifolds.


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